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What are the advantages of ringlock scaffolding?

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Ringlock scaffolding is also called ringlock buckle scaffolding (which is defined as socket type by Chinese standards), which is different from wheel buckle scaffolding. Many people confuse ringlock scaffolding with wheel scaffolding, which is obviously wrong.

The ringlock scaffolding technology originated in Germany and is a mainstream product in Europe and the United States. China began to introduce buckle scaffolding in the early 20th century. At present, more domestic construction projects have begun to use ringlock scaffolding. So what are the advantages and characteristics of ringlock scaffolding?

The ringlock scaffold adopts the hot-dip galvanizing process, which can make the scaffold have strong adhesion ability, so that the service life of the scaffold is longer.

At the same time, the cost of ringlock scaffolding is lower than most other scaffoldings, and it is more cost-effective than other types of scaffolding. This eliminates the need to worry about potential security risks and expenses.

The ringlock scaffold also has the advantages of high temperature resistance, no burnout, and high bearing capacity. During the construction process, any possible safety accidents can be avoided, and the system channel is guaranteed to be unobstructed and a reliable safety guarantee.

Ringlock scaffolding is more stressed than other types of scaffolding. Under normal circumstances, ringlock scaffolding can withstand a load of 200KN. This can effectively save steel consumption.

Ringlock Scaffolding

Compared with traditional scaffolding, ringlock scaffolding is not easy to lose its spare parts, and the amount of steel is much less than that of traditional scaffolding, so it can greatly reduce economic losses and cost.

Moreover, the disassembly and assembly of the buckle scaffold is very simple, and one person can easily install and disassemble it with a hammer, which greatly improves the construction efficiency.

The ringlock scaffold is mainly divided into vertical rods, horizontal rods and inclined rods. Various types of rods are integrated with special connection accessories. There are 8 holes on the connecting plate, 4 small holes are dedicated to the cross bar, and 4 large holes are dedicated to the cross bar, and they are evenly arranged. The steel pipe is in full contact state.

 After tightening the bolt, the three points (upper and lower points of the joint and the bolt to the ringlock) can be firmly fixed to increase the structural strength and transmit the horizontal force. , the force transmission is correct, the diagonal bar pliers are designed to be rotatable and fixed with rivets and steel pipes.

The connection method between the vertical rod and the vertical rod is the outer casing or the inner casing connecting pipe. One end of the vertical rod is fixed by welding, and the other end is fixed by a special hole pin. Therefore, the use of ringlock scaffolding has become more and more extensive, and it has also been widely recognized by the market.

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