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What are the advantages of ringlock system scaffolding for sale in engineering construction?

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The ringlock system scaffolding for sale, as a new formwork support frame for domestic bridges and subways, is now more and more recognized by China Railway and China Construction, so which parts of the ringlock scaffolding are mainly composed?

The main components of ringlock system scaffolding for sale

Pole: Designed according to the length, one disc is welded every 0.5 meters.

Crossbar: Designed according to the length, with crossbar heads welded at both ends.

Oblique pull rod: designed according to the length, with oblique pull heads welded at both ends.

Starting rod: a disc is welded on it to connect the adjustable base and the vertical rod.

Tripod: used for extension platform support, used for scaffolding system.

Disc: Generally 8mm or 10mm thick, made of Q235B steel plate.

Wedge pin: used to lock the head of the crossbar and the disc.

Oblique pull head: Use wedge-shaped pin to clamp on the large hole of the disc.

Crossbar head: Use a wedge-shaped pin to clamp on the small hole of the disc.

Adjustable base: used to adjust the vertical height.

Step ladder and handrails: used to connect the upper and lower floors to facilitate the operation and walking of workers. The handrails play a safety role and are mainly suitable for the scaffolding system.

U-shaped bracket: used to support the template of the disc scaffold support system.

Hook steel springboard: hung on the crossbar of the ringlock system scaffolding for sale through a hook. The unique hook design realizes a seamless connection with the steel pipe. It has strong bearing capacity and can prevent slippage and drainage to ensure construction safety.

ringlock system scaffolding for sale a new type of scaffolding

The disc buckle multifunctional scaffold is an upgraded product after the bowl buckle scaffold. The socket of this scaffold is a disc with a diameter of 133mm and a thickness of 10mm. The disc has 8 holes. The main component is φ48*3.5mm and Q345B steel pipe. The pole is welded on a certain length of steel pipe every 0.60m. The disc is connected to the crossbar with this novel and beautiful disc, with a connecting sleeve at the bottom. The crossbar is made by welding plugs with pins on both ends of the steel pipe. When installing, just align the crossbar connector with the position of the chrysanthemum plate, then insert the pin into the chrysanthemum plate hole by hand and pass through the bottom of the connector, and then hit the top of the pin with a hammer to make the arc surface on the crossbar connector and the vertical rod Closely integrated.

Advantages of buckle scaffolding in engineering construction

01. Safe construction

The whole scaffold is replaced by a disc buckle instead of the connecting member between the rods. The vertical straight insertion is a bolt and Dette butt connection fastener, and the cross bar joint replaces the right-angle fastener. The disc buckle is welded to the vertical rod to become three pieces in one. The crossbar joints are directly welded to the two ends of the crossbar and become only two pieces. The original fastener-type scaffolding requires multiple components to form the frame model, eliminating the need for complicated lap procedures. Since there are various specifications for the length of the vertical pole, the length of the connection is different, which strengthens the overall stability of the frame and ensures the safety of construction.

02, efficiency advantage

The ringlock system scaffolding for sale does not have the anti-sliding calculation of fasteners and the measurement of the torque of fastener bolts, which greatly improves the overall strength and erection speed of the scaffolding. Because there are few components and no parts matching, it is easy to handle and manage. To overcome the shortcomings of ordinary scaffolding that are easy to disperse and lose, the ringlock system scaffolding for sale has a simple installation and removal method, which greatly saves time and labor for installation and removal.

03. Civilized construction

The surface of all parts of ringlock system scaffolding for sale adopts hot-dip galvanizing process, which has a good appearance. The use of ringlock system scaffolding for sale is convenient for storage, easy to be neat and uniform, and the storage and storage area is small, which greatly reduces the occupation of the scaffolding storage space by the construction party, and creates favorable conditions for civilized construction.

04, large space

In the traditional bridge support construction, most of the bowl buckle scaffolds have a spacing of less than 1.2 meters, even reaching 0.6 meters and 0.9 meters. This has the defect of insufficient space at the construction site, and workers cannot enter after the erection is completed. The frame body is checked and accepted in the middle, and even a thing is not easy to take out. The ringlock system scaffolding for sale pole is made of Q345b low-alloy structural steel, which improves the bearing capacity and allows the scaffolding step and spacing to be enlarged, thus expanding the construction space for workers And acceptance space for supervision.

05, complete functionality and wide application

The ringlock system scaffolding for sale adopts a unified 500mm disc distance. With its vertical pole, cross bar, diagonal pole and tripod, it can be built into bridge supports of different spans and different cross-sections, stage supports, lighting towers, bridge piers, and safe climbing ladders. The bridge formwork system is cumbersome and only suitable for specific specifications, which has great limitations. The buckle scaffold can be set up into formwork supports of different shapes and functions to meet the construction needs of various styles.

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