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What factors affect the price of stage trusses?

Date: 05.01.2022 Viewed: times

I believe that everyone is very familiar with stage trusses. Whether in real life or on TV, we will often see gorgeous stage effects. These are all necessary for it to play a supporting role. In practical applications, this kind of truss not only requires the realization of stage building, hanging background cloth and audio and video lighting, etc., but the most important thing is to ensure its sturdiness.

Just like the stage trusses we have seen there are many different styles and categories, the one we see most is the standard type, which is processed and formed in accordance with the relevant standards in the industry and then built. The structure is relatively simple. And it is not complicated to install. There is also a lightweight type. Obviously this type of truss is specially designed for smaller stages. Its constituent materials are slightly thinner than the standard type. Therefore, the bearing capacity is smaller than that of the standard type. It is only suitable for small-scale ones. Performance activities. Another type is the super-strong type, which is specially designed for some special large-scale stages. This truss is the strongest of all and has the greatest bearing capacity.

In addition to the above classifications, stage trusses are sometimes classified according to their shapes, such as triangular trusses, trapezoids, and polygonal trusses.

So do you know what factors affect the price of stage trusses?

Stage trusses are industrial metal products. The most obvious impact is aluminum and labor costs. When the price of aluminum ore fluctuates greatly, the price of aluminum is undoubtedly a major factor affecting the cost of the stage truss, and it will affect the delivery time. After all, under the high cost, the inventory will inevitably decrease.

Labor cost, as a stage truss from aluminum to finished products, manpower is undoubtedly the main factor. A qualified welder, a qualified product inspection, etc., all need to be equipped with professional talents. When the cost of human resources in the entire market increases, the production cost of any enterprise will be affected.

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