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What factors should be considered when choosing aluminum stage truss?

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  When we see the dazzling lights on the stage, we can't help but sigh that we are in a colorful world, but behind this we rely on those obscure light stands to support it all. Quality-assured lighting stands are always an indispensable role on the stage, so what factors should everyone consider when purchasing aluminum stage truss?

  1. Transportation of too large volume is more laborious and it is necessary to ensure that the warehouse can be accommodated. The volume is too small to meet the needs. No matter which aluminum stage truss you choose, you must choose according to your actual needs. Therefore, before purchasing, you must combine the size of your own warehouse area to store the appropriate size, so as to avoid unnecessary waste after purchasing.

  2. Quality and safety is an unchanging topic. When distinguishing the quality of aluminum stage truss, attention should be paid to the material and welding process. Usually it is to find some heavier objects to try its pressure resistance. Generally, it can be seen how its quality is without deformation. Those aluminum stage truss with well-selected materials are guaranteed in terms of pressure resistance. At the same time, the welding points are also very uniform and complete, and there are no missing welds and obvious welds, which can ensure their solid and reliable quality.

  3. When purchasing a light stand, you must observe its external color and coating thickness. When purchasing and manufacturing, carefully observe whether there are obvious scratches on its external color. Under normal circumstances, it should be shiny and shiny; and the thickness of the coating is too thin to easily affect the service life, which needs to be paid attention to. . Those quality-assured aluminum stage truss are very well-made in this respect, not to mention the external color and coating thickness.

  The above are just three factors that you need to consider when you buy a lighting stand. In fact, you should also check a series of content such as its factory certificate and date when purchasing. Finally, when buying, we must give priority to those aluminum stage truss companies with good reputation.

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