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What maintenance work is needed after the Stage lighting truss is built?

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Stage lighting truss is not built and can be left alone, but also to do these follow-up inspection work.


Follow-up inspections required after the Stage lighting truss is built

How to improve the wear resistance and hardness of Stage lighting truss

Regular maintenance of stage lighting truss


Follow-up inspections required after the Stage lighting truss is built

1. Be sure to strictly follow the process of installation. Under normal conditions, the parts of the main components of the Stage lighting truss are assembled first and installed from the inside to the outside or from the inside to the surface.


2. In the installation of Stage lighting truss assembling the whole process, shall not use forced methods to assemble the components.


3. In order to prevent the onset of various internal stresses and reduce its installation deformation, the preassembly workplace of Stage lighting truss should be equipped with appropriate lifting machinery and installation space.


4.The preassembly should be laid in strict accordance with the process requirements and its rigidity should be ensured.When preassembling the components of the Stage lighting truss, it is necessary to stop in the natural state so that it is correctly installed in the installation position of the relevant components.


Although Stage lighting truss is widely used and popular in many large stage events, there have been many Stage lighting truss accidents, so I hope you will pay attention to these testing work after the stage truss is erected.


How to improve the wear resistance and hardness of Stage lighting truss

Stage lighting truss is made of high strength aluminum alloy or welded. Since aluminum itself is a relatively reactive metal component, it easily reacts chemically with external acids and alkalis. The aluminum component also reacts chemically in water if it is in water for a long time. To provide stability in the performance of Stage lighting truss, the stage technicians improved its acid and alkali resistance and oxidized the Stage lighting truss to add an oxide film to the surface. To prevent external substances from corroding Stage lighting truss.


In order to overcome the defects of aluminum alloy surface hardness, wear resistance, etc. and prolong its use, surface treatment technology has become important in the use of aluminum alloy metal oxide film. Metal oxide films change the surface state and properties, such as surface coloring, and improve durability, wear resistance and hardness, and protect the metal surface.


For example, in aluminum anodizing, the Stage lighting truss is placed in the corresponding electrolyte (e.g. sulfuric acid, chromic acid, oxalic acid, etc.) and electrolyzed under specific conditions and applied currents. The anodized aluminum or its alloy is oxidized to form a thin layer of aluminum oxide on the surface with a thickness of 5-20 microns. The anodized aluminum or its alloy improves its hardness and wear resistance.


Shizhan Group mentions that the chances of making the stage lighting truss completely corrosion-free are very small, and we only propose some scientific solutions for this.


Regular maintenance of stage lighting truss

Stage lighting truss is a flat or space structure frame, generally square column type, can be used for speaker hanging, outdoor temporary exhibition booth and background skeleton building. stage lighting truss in our life is also used in more places, such as large and small concerts, celebrations, exhibitions and sales fairs are used. Today to tell you about the stage lighting truss regular maintenance content.


Stage lighting truss can solve the problem of enterprise overhead work. It can be overlapped according to actual needs. There are two kinds of width specifications, wide and narrow. Narrow frame can be lapped on narrow ground, convenient and flexible. He can meet the requirements of high-altitude work in narrow spaces such as corners, stairs, etc. It is a good helper for enterprise high-altitude work. Prohibit the use of stage lighting truss under physical fatigue, alcoholism or physical disability. ladder should be placed on a solid and smooth ground.


Prohibit the use of stage lighting truss in high winds, metal ladders conduct electricity, avoid close to places with electric fields. When climbing, people hold hands tightly, facing the ladder, and keep the center of gravity of the body in the center of the two ladder pillars. When working, do not stand within 1 meter from the top of the ladder. Always maintain a safety guard height of 1 meter, not to mention climbing the top support point. Do not go above your head when doing work, so that your body does not lose balance and become dangerous. It is forbidden to cross directly from one side of the ladder to the other.


Stage lighting truss is light weight, easy to install, transport and store. stage lighting truss is only 1/3 of the weight of traditional steel truss, so there is no need to worry about crushing the ground. The high strength and stability of the connection of the members and the scientific design of the support mechanism make the whole structure safe and stable. The whole structure adopts "building block" combination design, with standardized components and no parts. Without any installation tools, two workers can build an aerial working platform with a height of 20m in a short time.


Stage lighting truss requires regular cleaning of the ladder to prevent some chemicals from corroding the surface of the ladder. Check the connecting parts regularly and add lubricant when necessary. If the ladder material is bent, broken or the joints are unable to perform normal work, be sure to contact the manufacturer for professional maintenance. Harsh environmental conditions can reduce the service life of the stage lighting truss. Generally speaking, the service life of a ladder is 2 years indoors and 1 year outdoors.


The above is about the stage lighting truss regular maintenance, I hope it will help you. stage lighting truss is the use of triangle has the stability of the nature of the structure design, so in the use of stage lighting truss to build the stage better stability. In the process of building, with the exhibition booth and skeleton to achieve the erection of the stage.

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