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What should be paid attention to when building aluminum stage truss?

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  Building a safe and uniquely designed aluminum stage can not only provide a platform for various performances, merchandise displays, party scenes and other venues, but also add a lot of color to the event with exquisite design and play an icing on the cake. It can be seen that the aluminum stage truss building is not just to build a table, but to design in conjunction with the event itself, taking into account many factors.

  What are the precautions for the construction of aluminum stage truss?

  1. Rich experience in building

  After the entire renderings are finalized, the booth construction is a more important step, and it is necessary for the workers to restore the drawings to reality. This has tested the experience and ability of the workers' masters.

  Especially for the stage truss, whether it is a stage or a truss, experienced construction workers are required, who can handle the details of the booth without causing on-site problems such as bumps.

  2. Legal business qualifications

  The selected booth constructors must have legal operating qualifications. If you have no legal qualifications when you choose, such a booth contractor must never choose.

  At the same time, a professional construction and installation technical team is also required, and there are professionals who are permanently engaged in the construction of the exhibition.

  Ensure that there are sufficient manpower and material resources to complete the stage truss and other construction work within the specified time.

  3. Repair and maintenance after installation

  After the booth has been set up, the booth builder shall undertake repair and maintenance services for the booth during the entire exhibition period.

  If the requirements for improvement or adjustment of the booth are reasonable, the booth constructor needs to provide services.

  And during the whole exhibition, there may be some problems with the construction of the stage truss. Therefore, booth repair and maintenance services are required by a booth builder.

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