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Why is exhibition truss so popular?

Date: 16.12.2021 Viewed: times

It's the end of the year again soon, and various company annual meetings and exhibitions are coming one after another. How to make an annual meeting go well, then a variety of exhibition trusses are needed to play a role.

Exhibition trusses have been favored in the advertising industry in recent years. Why are trusses so popular?

Today, I will analyze the actual use of the truss at the exhibition, mainly from the following factors: load-bearing weight, use environment, transportation, inventory size, and price of the truss at the exhibition.

The weight-bearing truss of the exhibition truss is a structure made of steel pipes or aluminum alloy pipes that have been cut and welded. It has the characteristics of light weight and strong load-bearing capacity. The application of the exhibition truss in the advertising industry is mainly the background frame. The structure of the background frame presents L Shaped, with diagonal bracing behind. Steel trusses are conventionally used because the price of steel trusses is lower than that of aluminum alloy trusses.

The exhibition truss is not only price, but also superior in performance. Compared with X display racks, roll-up banners, etc., in indoor and outdoor advertising, it is less susceptible to airflow. The structure is stable and the size of the advertising surface is flexible. Unlike conventional display racks, which are basically only 60x160cm or 80x180cm, exhibition trusses can be Any size, don’t worry about the distortion or imbalance of the picture.

exhibition truss

The price of exhibition trusses is much lower than that of exhibition racks. Exhibition trusses use environmental trusses as exhibition trusses. In addition to being used as a stand alone as a background frame, it can also be combined with the stage and exhibition booth construction. It can even be recessed for some special occasions, weddings, celebrations, and themed flower arrays.

There are two categories of exhibition truss inventory and transportation trusses: fixed trusses (the strongest kind of trusses, with high reusability, and the only drawback is the relatively high transportation cost.); folding trusses (the biggest advantage is low transportation costs, High reusability.) The two exhibition trusses have light structure and convenient transportation. The fixed trusses can be stacked high and occupy a small area. There are more fixed trusses for exhibition trusses.

The advantages of our company's exhibition truss:

1. Firm welding: professional electric welding, years of technicians, layered inspection, quality assurance.

2. Standard processing: large machine positioning, precise hole position.

3. Leading technology: we have our own team of designers, and the technical department provides high-quality solutions for customized products.

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