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Why is ringlock system scaffolding for sale becoming more and more popular?

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The scaffolding family has ushered in their new member in recent years-disc scaffolding. It is a new type of building support system with diversified functions. According to different construction requirements, it can be composed of different shapes and load-bearing capacity of single, group size, double Construction equipment with multiple functions such as scaffolding, support columns, and support frames.

Disc scaffolding is widely used in: construction, municipal roads and bridges, rail transit, energy and chemical industry, aviation and shipbuilding industry, temporary construction facilities for large-scale cultural and sports activities and other fields.

Why ringlock system scaffolding for sale is popular

Advanced technology: the disc-type connection method has 8 connections for each node. The connection method is the international mainstream scaffolding connection method. The reasonable node design can achieve that the force of each member passes through the node center. It is mainly used in Europe and America Countries and regions are upgraded products of traditional bowl buckle scaffolding, with mature technology, firm connection, stable structure, safety and reliability. It is an upgraded product of scaffolding currently used in China.

Raw material upgrade: The main materials are all made of vanadium-manganese alloy structural steel, whose strength is 1.5-2 times higher than that of traditional scaffolding ordinary carbon steel pipe (GB Q235).

Hot-dip galvanizing process: The main parts of the disc buckle adopt the internal and external double-sided hot-dip galvanizing anti-corrosion process, which is not affected by rust and corrosion, which effectively prevents the load-bearing capacity of the components from being reduced due to material corrosion during the service period, and ensures consistent product performance. The service life of the product is improved, and further guarantee is provided for safety, and at the same time, it is clean and beautiful.

Reliable quality: The entire product processing starts from the blanking process, and the entire product processing has to go through more than 20 procedures. Each procedure is carried out by professional machines to reduce the intervention of human factors, especially the production of horizontal rods and vertical rods, using fully automatic welding. The special plane achieves high product precision, strong interchangeability, and stable and reliable quality.

Large bearing capacity: Taking the JW48 series support frame as an example, the allowable bearing capacity of a single pole with a height of 5 meters is 9.5 tons (safety factor is 2), and the breaking load reaches 12-15 tons, which is 2 of the traditional bowl buckle products. -3 times.

Save labor and materials: In general, it is 1.5 meters, 1.8 meters, the step distance of the horizontal rod is 1.5 meters, the maximum distance can reach 3 meters, and the step distance can reach 2 meters. Therefore, the dosage under the same supporting volume will be reduced by 2/3 compared with the traditional bowl button product, and the weight will be reduced by 1/2~2/3.

Fast assembly, convenient use, and cost saving: the product is light in weight, the unique disc-shaped self-locking pin is designed to facilitate manual operation, and the installation and disassembly are extremely convenient. The operator can assemble more conveniently, and the average person can set up 100- per day. The 300 cubic meter frame is 3-5 times the construction efficiency of traditional steel pipe fasteners and bowl buckle scaffolding.

At the same time, mechanized hoisting is used to replace manual professional construction. Workers only need a few hand tools to complete the erection and disassembly of the frame, which can greatly improve the construction efficiency and ensure the construction period.

Comprehensive costs (set-up and disassembly labor costs, round-trip transportation costs, material rental fees, mechanical shift fees, material loss, wastage costs, maintenance costs, etc.) will be saved accordingly. Generally, it can save more than 30%.

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