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Aluminum Alloy Explosion-Proof Fence

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Aluminum alloy explosion-proof fence is a kind of different aluminum profiles and punching screens produced by industrial aluminum profile extruder and various molds through cutting, welding and assembly. It is used to control crowd passages, isolate areas or protect Equipment for important people's performances. Because all audiences always like to squeeze forward during outdoor performances, there are potential safety hazards for performers and audiences, and it is difficult to ensure safety by relying on security personnel to maintain order. Therefore, it is recommended to isolate the guardrail, which can keep the audience and the stage at a safe and appropriate distance, safely and effectively isolate the audience from the stage, and the outside world from the performance site to reduce accidents. Let the show run smoothly. Aluminum alloy explosion-proof fences are widely used in various large-scale music festivals, performances, exhibitions and other occasions with a lot of people to prevent the danger caused by the flow of people.

Advantages of aluminum alloy explosion-proof fence

1. Compared with the old test iron horse guardrail, it has stronger firmness and can withstand the thrust of 3 adults. The width and height can be designed according to the actual needs of customers. In addition, the bottom is designed with a slope to avoid tripping pedestrians. Its upper surface The anti-skid pattern design is also very user-friendly.
2. Secondly, the aluminum alloy material has good formability and weldability, high strength, good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.
3. The aluminum alloy explosion-proof fence is convenient and quick to install.

Considering the specific needs of customers to build, the aluminum alloy explosion-proof fence also has the design of corners and doors. Customers can build various closed shapes according to their own needs, and the door design is convenient for staff to enter and exit.

The first regular style

The anti-riot bar is made of high-hardness aluminum alloy material, the thickness of the baffle is 2mm, there are exquisite anti-skid patterns on the pedal, and it is supported by high-load-strength aluminum square tube to achieve its stable anti-riot effect of the stage anti-riot bar, beautiful and fashionable, easy to disassemble ,strong and sturdy.

Aluminum Alloy Explosion-Proof Fence

The second model with working platform

Aluminum Alloy Explosion-Proof Fence with working platform

The third wire slot

Aluminum Alloy Explosion-Proof Fence

Our Packing Method---Steel Removable Shipping Box

packing method

Of course, in addition to the most mainstream designs on the market, we have a professional technical design team, production team, quality control team, and supporting warehousing and logistics system, which can provide OEM non-standard customization for you from design to production to final delivery. One-stop service. If you want to know more information about aluminum alloy explosion-proof fence, please call or email us.


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