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Correlation between price and quality of concert stage truss

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What are the aspects of concert stage truss that can be used to determine the quality of workmanship?

What determines the selling price of Concert stage truss? What is the approximate Concert stage truss price?

Concert stage truss safety issues

Why Shizhan Concert stage truss has high repurchase rate?




What are the aspects of concert stage truss that can be used to determine the quality of workmanship?

Usually to judge whether the workmanship of a concert stage truss is good or not is quite important as a buyer's headache, but in fact there is a method, the better concert stage truss is not only installed and used more smoothly, and in appearance and quality are very advanced. In the process of use can also play a stable performance. What aspects of the general concert stage truss will reflect the good or bad workmanship? From what aspects can the workmanship of concert stage truss be judged?

At present, the truss is made of 6082-T6 material, so it is necessary to recognize the material certificate of the product. In fact, you can distinguish it by the eyes alone, because the aluminum alloy on the surface of this material has a metallic light color, and the strength is ideal. Unlike some other material trusses, although the color of appearance can be handled, the performance itself cannot be changed.

Secondly, the workmanship of the joist can be seen from the goodness of the weld channel. The joist is welded, and the weld channel processed with better quality welding rod and technology will definitely not have defects, such as false welding, porosity and so on. If the intersection of the centerline of two inclined pipes of the truss and the centerline of the main pipe are intersected together, a more favorable bearing capacity can be obtained.

It is also the basis for the use of truss, not only to ensure the smooth assembly but also to ensure the solid assembly.



What determines the selling price of Concert stage truss? What is the approximate Concert stage truss price?

Every industry is regulated and unregulated, and it is the same for concert stage truss, but in the end, it is the price competition that causes the trouble.

With the rapid growth of the entertainment industry in recent years, and a variety of concerts, large annual events, stage truss problems can be reported, such as celebrities on a variety of stage on the news of different problems.

The degree of tragedy of the accident is also varied. There are stage trusses that collapsed, stage problems that caused widespread panic, and stage accidents that killed people are not a few.

If you read more reports, you will find that for truss manufacturers, it is indeed necessary to bear in mind the production purpose of quality first and do business with conscience. But for thousands of consumers, what they need to do is to keep their eyes open and always keep in mind that when selecting a truss, they should not just pursue the low price of aluminum trusses.

The selling price of concert stage truss is not fixed and uniform. Seemingly similar products, but there is a big difference in the sales price. So what determines the selling price of concert stage truss? What are the factors?

Material: The main factor influencing the sales price of concert stage truss is the material, which seems to be the same in appearance, but the model of material is different, then there will be a big difference in the sales price of the product. This point, if not carefully compared, but look at the appearance of concert stage truss difficult to identify the gap. At this point, the difference is not obvious if you do not compare the focus and thickness in the field.

In addition, the choice of product, because Yunnan Concert Stage Truss has a relatively long service life, so when selecting the material, you will want to get a better quality product, so that it will last longer in the later years of use.

Seeing this, you should know why there are many concert stage trusses on the market that look similar and even look identical in appearance. However, if the materials are different, there will be a big difference in quantity and quality. Nowadays, there are many kinds of stage trusses on the market, and there is a great demand for Concert stage trusses. This is also a concern for everyone, Shizhan to give you the solution to the problem.

Normally, aluminum alloy stage truss is closely related to the price of its material aluminum alloy, such as the price of aluminum 6082-T6 is more expensive than 6061-T6, then the stage truss made of 6082-T6 material with the same specification length of 6061-T6 truss is relatively more expensive, the material is an important factor affecting the stage truss.

Secondly, the price of stage truss is related to its specification, such as the material of φ5mm of the same length and circumference is more expensive than that of φ3mm, and there is a great difference in the weight and quality of the products made of different thickness of material. This is also one of the factors that affect the price of stage truss.

Also, the connection method of stage truss, pin frame has pin interface parts, which requires special material custom welding, is also a factor that affects the price of truss, or folding truss, which also requires custom special folding parts, is also a factor that increases its cost.

In addition, there is the brand factor that affects the price of stage truss. After any brand is established, a brand value will be attached to the corresponding product, and more attention will be paid to the quality and safety of the truss in this process.



Concert stage truss safety issues

There are many cases of accidents in life because of the quality of the stage truss or the lack of certain aspects, resulting in the failure of performances and activities.

The answer is no. The safety of stage truss in Shizhan is usually ensured by these aspects: material assurance of the truss, supervision of the truss in the welding process and quality inspection after the welding is completed, and strict compliance with the installation instructions by the customer in the use process. Hold the key points of these aspects, the stage truss is very safe.

Shizhan stage truss uses aluminum alloy 6082-T6 or 6061T6 welding, the quality of aluminum meets the standard of aluminum, which eliminates the possible problems in material at the source of material.

For example, the aluminum frame is checked by independent supervisors from welding to cleaning to prevent problems in the welding process, and it is checked again by quality inspectors before packing after cleaning to ensure the appearance of the stage truss is clean.



Why Shizhan Concert stage truss has high repurchase rate?

Concert stage truss is beautiful and solid, and I believe that those who often hold outdoor activities will know that good truss is not only of tested quality, but its advantages are comprehensive, multi-layered and in all directions. Whether it is a commercial use for exhibition activities or municipal unit activities, safety is always emphasized as a lot of issues, and at this time, it provides an implicit guarantee for people's safety. The following Shizhan Group will explain why Concert stage truss has a high repurchase rate.

Stage supporting equipment, aluminum alloy material is more "light", handling, transportation is time-consuming and laborious is the logistics, installation to solve the difficulties, the use of modern technology processing material to effectively solve the buyers of this pain point, it is lighter than the traditional iron stage weight half, but also save manpower and material resources;.

Aluminum alloy, the material is strong corrosion resistance, the surface does not rust stains, metal structure is not easy to break, durable. It is also a strong bearer, the average load-bearing capacity of more than 600kg, to meet the requirements of various large audio equipment hanging in the performance.

Shizhan Group mainly produces stage trusses, aluminum trusses and other types of trusses, so if you have such needs, you can call us for consultation and purchase.

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