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Problems that can occur in the construction of Aluminium stage truss

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The use of Aluminium stage truss is relatively common in modern society. Aluminium stage truss is mostly used in public buildings such as large span factories, exhibition halls, stadiums and bridges. Next, Shizhan Group will introduce you the problems that may arise when constructing the aluminum stage truss.

Aluminium stage truss construction and the characteristics of its material

What are the techniques to build Aluminium stage truss?

How to erect the columns of Aluminium stage truss

Pay attention to environmental issues in the design and construction of Aluminium stage truss




Aluminium stage truss construction and the characteristics of its material

The lower chord of Aluminium stage truss is important to receive axial force from the straight rods articulated in the response nodes into a geometrically invariant lattice load-bearing structure, which is located at the lower edge of the truss.


In order to extend the stage surface and increase the entertainment atmosphere, Aluminium stage truss can be extended from under the main stage and lifted to a plane with the main stage, so that the performers can have more space to play and get closer to the audience to achieve various extraordinary results. When not in use, the stage can be retracted into the main stage, increasing the area of stage domination.


There is also a difference in the material chosen for the Aluminium stage truss. The characteristics of the tempered glass stage truss: the glass breaks into small, blunt particles similar to honeycomb, which will not cause significant harm to the human body. Tempered glass bending strength is generally 3-5 times higher than ordinary glass. Double-layer glass is sandwiched with special gum in the middle, and the safety factor after tempering of this kind of glass is higher than ordinary tempered glass.


In this way, the aluminum stage weathering and acid and alkali resistance, will not be due to years of sun and rain, and the phenomenon of yellowing and hydrolysis; long life, compared with other material products, life longer than three years; good light transmission, up to 92% or more, the required light intensity is smaller, saving electricity; strong impact resistance, is sixteen times the ordinary glass, suitable for installation in the special need for safety zone.


Aluminium stage truss has good insulation performance, suitable for various electrical equipment; light weight, half lighter than ordinary glass, the building and the bracket to bear the load is small; colorful, high brightness, other materials can not be compared to the beauty; plasticity, shape changes, processing and molding is easy.




What are the techniques to build Aluminium stage truss?

With the development of society, the role of Aluminium stage truss in stage construction has become very important, where you can often see the truss should be the place of stage construction, Aluminium stage truss is currently the more suitable equipment for stage construction. What are the building skills in the process of building a stage truss?


(1) The stage is mostly composed of two parts, steel pipe support frame and wooden board, and the common stage has T-shaped stage and rectangular stage, so in general, try to be two people at the same time structure is better, so that the movement is unified and coordinated, the effect will be very good and very fast.


(2) build the stage when the four steel tubes to do the legs, a board to do the stage, the board home in the steel legs above the molding, and this time in the frame board when we want to ensure that the gap between each piece of stage board smaller, which is conducive to the solidity of the stage, but also conducive to the safety and smooth performance.




How to erect the columns of Aluminium stage truss?

In the process of erecting Aluminium stage truss, erecting the columns of Aluminium stage truss is a problem that more customers consult.


There are two kinds of truss columns, one is without lifting system, the overall erection of this truss is quite simple, so we will not explain it here.


Method 1: If the height of Aluminium stage truss column does not exceed 8 meters and the overall weight of truss column is not too heavy, human lift can be used. As shown in the picture, after connecting the counter head, use enough manpower to lift the column. Please note that if the joist column is too heavy and the length is too high, please do not use this method.


Method 2: If the height of truss column exceeds 8 meters or the weight of column is heavy and there is no professional mechanical equipment, scaffolding and mobile air work platform can be used to create high tension point to complete the lifting.


Method 3: Equipped with truss column raising frame, hand-cranked turntable, the truss column can be raised by wire rope, which is simple and fast, and can be done by one person. This is the majority of joist erection equipment used in joist projects.




Pay attention to environmental issues in the design and construction of Aluminium stage truss

Although the exhibition time is short and the space is limited, the waste and garbage generated is very considerable, so the disposal of waste and garbage becomes an important part of the environmental management of the exhibition. More than half of the waste in the exhibition is generated during booth construction and dismantling. Therefore, we would like to appeal to all users that Aluminium stage truss


The design and construction of Aluminium stage trusses should also pay attention to environmental issues.


Nowadays, more and more exhibition organizers are charging exhibitors for the disposal of waste as a separate item. This makes it an economic consideration for every exhibitor to avoid or reduce the generation of waste and garbage as much as possible.


Early planning, strict management at the time of Aluminium stage truss booth construction,Early planning during dismantling is one of the solutions to these problems. In addition to this, the best way is to recycle as much material as possible. The system components are recyclable and environmentally friendly, as they are usually made of aluminum, and even now there are paper alternatives that can be easily recycled even if they are used badly.

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