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Design and Application of LED Large Screen Frame

Date: 16.06.2022 Viewed: times
In today's diversification of information, LED screens play a very important role as an advertising medium carrier, both outdoors and indoors. The LED display screen can be divided into indoor and outdoor two specifications according to the use occasions:

Indoor LED screens generally have: small light-emitting points, generally Φ3mm--Φ8mm, display area is generally several to ten square meters, outdoor screen area is generally dozens of square meters to hundreds of square meters, high brightness, can work in the sun , with windproof, rainproof and waterproof functions. We have different design ideas and solutions for the support carrier LED background frame of the LED screen for the specific use scenarios of indoor and outdoor LED screens:

1. Indoor LED screen frame:

It is mainly composed of stable base with adjusting screw (steel material sprayed or painted on the outer surface), single row of latches, cross bar and back bracket of LED screen. This kind of structure has simple structure, quick and convenient installation, and does not occupy space. and space and many other advantages.

2. Outdoor LED screen frame:

The outdoor LED screen should not only take into account the stability of the structure but also the influence of different outdoor weather conditions and wind-proof grades and other related factors: its main design is the front and rear diagonal braces of the screen (single-row or square truss can be used) ), of course, the diagonal braces on both sides can also be replaced with steel wire ropes, which can be tensioned so that they do not sway from side to side under the action of wind and increase its stability, or one-sided diagonal bracing, the base is connected with square tubes or trusses, and the There is an economical solution such as the last picture: the trusses at both ends are extended to hang the line array speakers, and the base below is covered with heavy objects or heavy speakers to increase its vertical downward pressure to achieve the effect of windproof.

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