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The characteristics of different types of exhibition trusses

Date: 28.12.2021 Viewed: times

Different types of exhibition trusses are generally used at different event sites, and it is particularly important to choose a suitable set of exhibition trusses whether it is used for exhibition construction or building construction.

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1. Fixed truss: It is the strongest type of truss, with high reusability. The only drawback is the high transportation cost. The products are divided into two types: square tube and round tube. This kind of truss is the one with the highest usage rate in the exhibition truss category. It has a large bearing capacity. Each section has a fixed size of 20×20cm, and multiple trusses can be assembled at will, which is convenient for transportation. Economical and durable, easy and quick to assemble. It is the first choice for large-scale conference layout and exhibition special decoration. This type of truss can be processed into an arc/circular shape as required.  

2. Folding truss: its biggest advantage is its low transportation cost, but its reusability is slightly lacking. The products are divided into two types: square tube and round tube. This kind of truss is made of round steel pipes, which saves transportation costs. Each truss can be folded into a sheet for transportation/storage. Beautiful and practical, strong visual impact, convenient and quick to assemble. It is the first choice for all kinds of meeting layouts and exhibition special decorations. 

3. Butterfly truss: It is the most artistic one of the exhibition trusses, with a unique and beautiful shape. This kind of truss is assembled with discs, square heads, and truss rods. It is the most artistic type of truss products at the exhibition. The disc, square head and truss rod are independent of each other, and the transportation cost is the lowest. When in use, they can be assembled and combined with each other to build special decorations of different shapes, which is more suitable for small and medium-sized meeting layouts.  

4. Ball joint truss: Also called ball joint truss, it has beautiful shape and good sturdiness. It is also the most expensive one in the exhibition truss. This kind of truss is easy to disassemble and assemble and can be transported conveniently. Beautiful, atmospheric and practical, with strong visual impact, and convenient and quick to assemble.

5. Triangular truss: It is a kind of exhibition truss. Trapezoidal exhibition trusses, polygonal exhibition trusses, parallel chord exhibition trusses, and hollow exhibition trusses are all exhibition trusses. When choosing the form of exhibition trusses, the use, materials, support methods and construction conditions of the exhibition trusses should be considered comprehensively, and the materials and labor used for manufacturing and installation should be minimized on the premise of meeting the requirements of use.

Triangular truss construction is more convenient, lighter, will not rust, beautiful and light. Triangular trusses are not only easier to build, lighter, but also not rusty, beautiful and lighter. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor use in different occasions. The service life is several times longer than that of iron art stage. The daily maintenance of aluminum art stage is simple.

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