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Several issues to be considered in using aluminum stage truss

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Aluminum stage trusses have a certain weight in the outdoor stage, whether it is the roof or the steps, they all need stage trusses to support them. For customers, the main feature of Aluminum stage truss wholesale is the good price. Next, Shizhan Group would like to talk to you about several issues to be considered in using aluminum stage truss.


How to keep aluminum stage truss from rusting? Introducing several common methods of rust removal

Welding technology is the key to the deformation of aluminum stage truss

How to maintain the dryness of Aluminum stage truss



How to keep aluminum stage truss from rusting? Introducing several common methods of rust removal.

Rust is the weakness of aluminum products, and even the best aluminum products cannot escape the rust of time. As a widely used aluminum stage truss, although it is made of galvanized material and treated with plastic spraying process, it has excellent ability to prevent rust and corrosion, but it will still rust. Because it is made of aluminum and is used in outdoor environment! Shizhan Group would like to introduce several common methods to remove rust from aluminum stage trusses.


Everything has a "theoretical life span", and it is reasonable to say that Aluminum stage truss will not "rust" as long as it is used reasonably and maintained timely. But the reality is that Aluminum stage truss will still rust after a period of use, especially after high strength and intensity use.


The methods of rust removal and decontamination are as follows.

1. Shot blasting rust removal: a method that uses the high-speed operation of mechanical equipment to throw out the steel shot of a certain size by the centrifugal force of the blast head, and the steel shot is thrown out to collide and strike with the member so as to achieve the purpose of removing the rust from the steel surface. It uses a variety of steel shot: cast iron shot and steel wire cut shot two.


2. Sandblasting rust removal: the use of high-pressure air with quartz sand sprayed to the surface of the components to achieve a rust removal method. The sources of quartz sand are: river sand, sea sand and artificial sand, etc. The cost of sand is low and the sources are widely available, but it is polluting to the environment; rust removal relies entirely on manual operation, and the surface roughness of the components after rust removal is small and not easy to meet the requirements of friction coefficient.

The above two rust removal methods require less than 85% humidity in the environment.


3. Manual and power rust removal: simple tools and convenient construction. However, the labor intensity is high and the quality of rust removal is poor. This method can only be used partially under the condition that other methods are not available. For example, the repair of individual components or the local rust removal treatment at the installation site. The common tools are: sander, spatula, wire brush, sand cloth, etc.


4. Pickling rust removal: Pickling rust removal is also called chemical rust removal. The principle is to use the acid in the pickling solution to chemically react with the metal oxides to dissolve them and remove the rust and dirt on the steel surface. After pickling and rust removal, a large amount of water must be washed and passivated; the large amount of wastewater, waste acid and acid mist formed causes environmental pollution.


Welding technology is the key to the deformation of aluminum stage truss

The welding of slat truss is one of the major attacking points during the welding process for temperature reasons. Originally, many people do not know that the welding method of the truss slats in aluminum stage truss will be different because of its location and effect.


Too high temperature in the welding process will lead to liquefaction reaction at the welded end, and after liquefaction reaction, rapid cooling, then this section of high temperature welding is found to be more or less irregular degeneration, Aluminum stage truss many people look at these welding points from the naked eye feel like a metal lump, giving an illusion of more solidity, otherwise, these metal lumps that we see from The density of these lumps is uneven, some are thick and some are indeed "puffy". So we must carefully observe whether their welding points are smooth and even when selecting trusses.


Secondly, the orientation of the weld seam after the welding is completed. The welding seams are not only scattered at the nodes of the slats, but also at other places of the stage joist, such as the middle of the bottom welding, the triangle or many angles of the joist, which present uneven or non-joint welding seams. With the effect of residual stress in the welded seam, the truss deformation is presented in order to reach the uniform force on the very rigid truss.


Aluminum stage truss has to be rigid to ensure the safety of the use of the stage. If the quality of the truss is not good, the established stage is simple to deform, and it brings great danger to the safety of the artists.


How to maintain the dryness of Aluminum stage truss?

Aluminum stage truss is lighter in weight than traditional iron truss, which saves more cost and energy for construction and transportation. But do you know how to keep Aluminum stage truss dry in the process of use?

With the increasing number of various performance activities, Aluminum stage truss is being used more and more for outdoor performance activities, and people's requirements for the safety and beauty of Aluminum stage truss are getting higher and higher.

As one of the important parts of stage load-bearing, its sturdiness is related to the safety function of aluminum stage truss, and outdoor performance often encounters windy and rainy bad weather, so we can't avoid encountering the stage plate to get wet, so the selection of outdoor stage plate is extraordinarily important, and also consider the moisture-proof function when it is in stock.

Also note that Aluminum stage truss in the ordinary use of the process, try to keep the appearance of the stage plate dry, in the warehouse storage to mop the floor to the stage panel frame pad high stacked, in wet weather or perhaps in wet areas, can put some dry agent in the warehouse.

Aluminum stage truss itself has good anti-corrosion performance, the service life of more than 10 years. If you need it, please contact us.

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