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Key points of planning an opening ceremony?

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The planning of the opening celebration has always been an important part of the development of the enterprise, because its role is too great and it is too important. As the saying goes, "a good beginning is half the success". All of them have attracted much attention, and these things must be known about the planning of the opening ceremony.

1. The planning of the opening ceremony should avoid self-talk, and everything starts from the masses

At the beginning of the opening, make detailed preparations, conduct substantial market research, and carefully select the time of the opening ceremony and the list of staff present. Choosing the right time for the opening ceremony can attract more traffic. For example, when some large shopping malls open, they usually choose the holiday time, which is some special festivals, such as National Day and May 1st. In these days, most consumers have enough time and mood to participate in various opening promotion games carefully planned by enterprises. If you choose Monday to Friday, everyone is in a hurry to go to work, and there is no time to worry about whether you will open or not. The detailed time should be selected from 9:00 to 10:00 in the morning. It is too early, and people have not yet gone out. It's too late, and the pre-planned pre-events have not been completed, and someone starts to tell the small intestine from the large intestine. All in all, in the choice of time, we must fully consider people's ideas, and we must not talk to ourselves, play and sing. Appointment of Gao Peng is an important part of the opening ceremony. In order to fully play the alarming effect of the celebration and explore the positive role of public opinion, in the matter of inviting Gao Peng, it is necessary to carefully select the personnel to be invited, and strive to invite well-known people. To attend to create a news effect, some important friends should send someone to personally invite them. Also, it is important to find a reliable opening ceremony stage supplier. A stable and rigid outdoor opening ceremony stage is the core of whole exhibition activity.

2. In the opening ceremony, creativity is the key

Creativity is the soul of marketing. In the opening ceremony, many ceremonies are indispensable, such as cutting the ribbon, opening speeches, firing guns, and playing music. But if you just follow the general procedure, it is impossible to achieve a blockbuster effect. The current market economy is the eyeball economy. Whoever has unique creativity can attract the enthusiasm of consumers, stimulate the competitive coverage of the media, and grasp the key to success. A beautiful outdoor opening ceremony stage can always attract people’s attention.

opening ceremony stage

3. Important deployment, pay attention to details

Details determine success or failure, and the eyes of the masses are critical. Opening celebrations are mostly held on-site, and the venue can be in the open space outside the square or in the hotel lobby. No matter where it is, the venue needs to be carefully arranged, and the design of the article needs to be innovative. Some innovative invitations, handbags, brochures, etc. It can make Gao Peng feel the enthusiasm of the company and impress the participants on the spot. The choice of portable stage platform is always key details every company holding a ceremony should pay attention to.

4. Make good use of news media and widely publicize

An important goal of a company's opening ceremony is to increase its visibility and influence through its opening. In today's society, a great way to increase visibility and influence is to spread news widely. The whole process from before the opening to after the opening is inseparable from the publicity of the news media. With the participation of news media and the wonderful writing of journalists, the grand occasion of the opening ceremony of the company will have the opportunity to spread to the public, and the company will also have the opportunity to take root in the hearts of more consumers. Therefore, when an enterprise plans to open a business, it must arrange competent personnel to be responsible for communication with the news media and follow up reports.

outdoor opening ceremony stage

5. Do a good job in the aftermath of the opening ceremony

After the opening ceremony, many staff will relax their nerves, think they are all right, and no longer be as cautious as before or during the opening ceremony. This kind of thinking is unacceptable.

The aftermath of the opening ceremony mainly includes: holding prize-winning receptions for high-level friends participating in the Games, presenting souvenirs, communicating with friends on the news media, and transferring the opening ceremony site.

In short, the opening ceremony is an appearance for many companies in front of consumers, and it is not a day's work for companies to sing this drama well. Enterprises should make full use of existing resources, carefully plan and arrange the entire opening ceremony, plan for the opening ceremony, and lay a solid foundation for the future strength of the enterprise.


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