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Issues that need to be paid attention to when installing aluminum stage truss

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Aluminum stage truss is a very common product in our lives. When this product is installed and used, it not only needs to achieve beautiful results, but also needs to ensure safety, so people need to be aware of some of the products during installation. Pay attention to the problem.

1. Choose good raw materials

When people install aluminum stage truss, the raw materials used must be good, because without good raw materials, the built truss cannot be guaranteed to be strong, so the actual quality of the truss selected should be good to ensure that the truss is built. The product safety performance is strong.

2. The selected canvas should be flat

After people have built aluminum stage truss, they generally need to use canvas to complete the promotion. The selected screen must be flat. Do not choose products with too many wrinkles, because wrinkled products will seriously affect the appearance and give people. Make a bad impression.

3. Choose to focus on overall beauty

The aluminum stage truss built by people should not be flawed. It should be noted that the truss and the canvas should be matched harmoniously. When printing the screen, it should be perfectly integrated with the truss, so that the integrity of the screen gives people a sense of beauty. People can leave a deep impression on the product and achieve a good publicity effect.

4. Put safety first

When people build aluminum stage truss, they must put safety in the first place. The trusses built must be relatively reliable to avoid product problems and safety accidents, and they are spraying the canvas inside. At that time, some spray paints are used. These spray paints should choose environmentally friendly products. In order to avoid the irritating smell and harm to the human body, people generally have to build the trusses in advance.

People know some precautions when building aluminum stage truss, so that the product can better meet people's use needs, achieve good use effects, and better serve people under the premise of ensuring safety. .

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