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After you understand these, you will know how to buy an aluminum stage platform

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Do you know how to choose an aluminum stage platform?

Do you know how to choose an aluminum stage platform? What needs to be paid attention to? After reading these, you will know!

Experts say:

The principle of purchasing aluminum stage platform: material, craftsmanship, quality!


Prerequisites for aluminum stage platform


The aluminum stage platform should use high-quality 6061-T6 aviation aluminium, because the aluminium alloy material is rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant, has good outdoor practicability, and is known as "never rust". The wall thickness of the stage tube should reach 3.0mm, the frame of the stage and the side piece under stress should be 5*7, and the column should be 50 round pipe, so as to meet the material selection requirements of the aluminum stage platform.


In the process of choosing an aluminum stage platform, consider the following points:

Fish scale welding

"Fish scale welding"-is a mature welding technology in aluminium welding, the welding surface is uniform and firm without losing the sense of beauty;

Exquisitely polished

The stage welding and sharp corners need to be rounded

Easy to disassemble

The stage supports can be completely disassembled, which is convenient for storage and transportation.


1. The aluminum stage platform uses 6061-6t national standard aluminium material, which can have good compression, torsion and drop resistance, and is suitable for various outdoor construction environments.

2. The stage is required to have strong stability, high load-bearing capacity (1000kg/m², single-point load-bearing 500kg), no depression in the middle of the stage, and good integrity.


The value of choosing the aluminum stage platform with the above conditions

Improve the overall plasticity of the stage

Establish concerns

Many times the stage is built outdoors. It is likely that the ground is uneven and the stage is not smooth and smooth. However, the aluminum stage platform purchased according to the above method can achieve the requirements of flat construction by adjusting its own column adjustment legs.

Safety concerns

The aluminum stage platform is extremely load-bearing. In activities such as regular auto shows, off-road vehicles and cars can be easily displayed on the aluminum stage platform to reproduce the super load-bearing capacity of the stage.

Improve the reuse rate and reduce operating costs

The service life of the aluminum stage platform is usually about 10 years. It can be repeatedly disassembled and built for use. It is a modern block-mounted stage product with high utilization rate and practicality. Jiangsu Shi Zhan Group focuses on the research and development and manufacture of this high-utilization aluminum stage platform, which effectively reduces your use and operating costs.


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