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4 important points for truss stage construction

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The stage truss is a must-build project for most exhibitions, concerts and other activities. Many inexperienced personnel will cause accidents due to inadvertent attention for some reasons. SHIZHAN Group will add some important methods for you to pay attention to when constructing stage truss .
1. The distance between the crossbar and the crossbeam should not be too large. Try to raise the height of the truss to the place closest to the crossarm. The height of the column can be used as much as possible. Otherwise, the crossbeam is easy to shake, and the sound and sound of the staff going up the truss are easy Danger.
2. For the higher stage truss, some safety measures should be taken, such as: adding diagonal cables, diagonal rods, suspended ceilings, and other fixing measures to the column, otherwise it is prone to collapse.
3. Do not add tarpaulins, meshes, etc. above the truss, which will increase the lateral force of the stage truss. Increasing the lateral area of the stage truss may increase the wind force and cause accidents.
4. Please use the stage truss cautiously in bad weather. Typhoons, rainstorms and other bad weather are easy to cause accidents. You should make sufficient preparations in advance. If you encounter this situation in the outdoor stage truss, you should remove it in time or lower the height to a safe point.


There are many methods for constructing stage truss, but we must pay attention to these safety measures to prevent the occurrence of stage safety accidents. For the smooth progress of stage activities, it is very necessary for everyone to understand the safety issues of these stage truss construction methods. SHIZHAN is committed to sales of truss stage and provides customers with a variety of truss stage solutions. If you have any questions, SHIZHAN Group is always waiting for you.

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