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5 advantages of Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

Date: 11.05.2020 Viewed: times

  For scenes such as small-scale exterior wall maintenance, it is very costly to use traditional methods to build scaffolding. Aluminum Scaffolding Tower design, passed the German TUV certification. In addition, the Shizhan Group has passed ISO 9001 international quality management system certification, which can witness and ensure that this unique aluminum scaffolding tower system is both safe and has superior and stable working efficiency.

Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

  The aluminum scaffolding tower launched by the Shizhan Group is an innovative and patented invention. Innovative patented invention, the connector is completely solderless, safe and reliable. The bearing focus is on the axis of the same shaft, multi-directional design, high flexibility, wide range of use, and wide range of functions and uses. Single aluminum tube, combined into a rack, light weight, easy to transport and store. The hardness and toughness are the strongest, the structure is particularly strong and safe, there is no virtual position for the buckle, and the tower is stable.

  Advantages of aluminum scaffolding tower

  1. Light weight, easy to master the safety of installation and disassembly, high efficiency

  2. Low loss, connection locking parts are not easy to lose, high reutilization rate, accessories can be replaced

  3. Small size, extremely low transportation and storage costs

  4. Strong bearing capacity, the strongest connector

  5. Can be reused and recycled, the connector can be replaced separately

  Shizhan Group is one of the suppliers of scaffolding in China, providing scaffolds of various sizes, if necessary, please come to consult.

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