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5 characteristics of stage truss

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Shizhan Group is a truss stage supplier. Folding truss is custom-made for sale, and triangular truss is for sale. All belong to aluminum alloy truss. From the production of pipes and accessories to the complete production line of finished products, the aluminum alloy stage is made of aluminum alloy materials. The aluminum alloy materials have the characteristics of light material, high strength, and no rust. And the height of the stage can be adjusted freely within a certain range, and the scope of application is extremely wide.

Triangle Truss

triangular truss

Stage truss characteristics

1. Both the aluminum alloy stage and the aluminum alloy glass stage are flexible and quick-mounting stages, which are convenient for disassembly, light-weight and easy to store. Durability is stronger, and the price is favorable.

2. The high-grade sandwich panel has the advantages of high strength, compression resistance, anti-skid, waterproof, sun protection and so on.
3. The professional 18mm thick sandwich board is used. It has excellent anti-skid performance: the surface layer is arranged by certain colloidal particles to achieve anti-skid in rainy days.
4. It is safe and stable, solemn and elegant, and naturally resists all kinds of harsh environments.
5. It is suitable for various fashion shows, celebrations, product launches, studios, and various dances both indoors and outdoors. It is currently the most popular and popular stage.

Shizhan Group has always been committed to the truss stage system. The World Exhibition Group has always insisted on providing customers with satisfactory truss stage solutions.

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