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Advantages and maintenance methods of aluminum spigot truss

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Aluminum spigot truss is a new high-altitude working tool. It has the characteristics of advanced design, beautiful appearance, high safety, etc., and has many advantages. Aluminum spigot truss, which is very popular on the market, is made of space aluminum, a new material, which plays an important role in construction. With the development and progress of aluminum spigot truss manufacturing technology, because of its extremely high safety and large bearing capacity, the unique aluminum spigot truss is more and more widely used in construction operations.


Safety matters for installing aluminum spigot truss:

1. Installation environment

Before setting up aluminum spigot truss, you should carefully check the working environment, protective equipment and tools, and make necessary preparations. After the aluminum spigot truss has been set up, it should be thoroughly inspected and approved by the construction personnel before it can be used. After the aluminum spigot truss is built, it is not allowed to dismantle or change the aluminum spigot truss structure randomly without the consent of the person in charge of the construction during the construction period.

2. Installation location

When laying or removing aluminum spigot truss near electric wires, the nearby power supply must be cut off or the electric wires must be moved, and the safety distance must comply with relevant regulations. If power supply lines must be installed on aluminum spigot truss, insulation measures should be provided on aluminum spigot truss. It is not allowed to tie the wires to aluminum spigot truss casually. Do not support aluminum spigot truss and scaffold boards on buildings or places that are not very strong. When excavating in or near the aluminum spigot truss, the aluminum spigot truss should be reinforced to prevent it from collapsing or deforming.

3. Installation tools

When erecting or removing aluminum spigot truss, if the scaffold rod is not fastened firmly, the scaffold is not put in place or the buckle has been removed, etc., it is not allowed to stop working halfway. Do not throw materials and tools at work, cooperate closely with each other when transporting materials up and down, and do not use loose ropes to tie them.

 Aluminum Spigot Truss

Maintenance method of aluminum spigot truss:

1. Regularly check the defects of parts

Aluminum spigot truss consists of many small parts, and all parts should be checked regularly. For the damaged aluminum spigot truss parts, especially the severely damaged parts at the welding point, the maintenance manufacturer should be notified in time for repair or re-purchase. Regular inspection of the parts for authenticity or damage is a guarantee for the safety of users.

2. Reserve frequently used emergency accessories

All parts of aluminum spigot truss should be kept in full. There is a selective backup for the accessories of the same model that need to be replaced frequently to ensure that the accessories are complete when in use. In this way, the required parts can be found immediately when the parts are urgently needed to be replaced, which can reduce unnecessary troubles in the construction and avoid delaying the construction process.

3. Regular cleaning, drying and lubrication

The appearance of aluminum spigot truss should be cleaned after use, especially the joints of the parts should be clean and lubricated to keep the operation smooth. After cleaning, it needs to be dried in a dry and ventilated place to ensure that no water stains remain on the surface of the parts, which can greatly reduce the occurrence of rust.


Advantages of aluminum spigot truss:

1. Aluminum spigot truss disassembly is simple and quick

The interface of aluminum spigot truss generally only takes about ten seconds to disassemble and assemble an interface. Especially the aluminum plate interface has more screws, so the installation time is shorter. Therefore, in a large-scale project, if you choose a good aluminum spigot truss, the accumulated time cost will be greatly reduced. It can reduce construction difficulty and construction time, and can also save manpower and material resources. It has great advantages in construction.

2. Aluminum spigot truss has higher load-bearing safety

Aluminum spigot truss is made of high-strength aluminum profile, and its surface has anti-skid stripes. It adopts a special riveting process to connect the rod and the straight rod, which has a large bearing capacity and a high load-bearing safety. It can effectively ensure the personal safety of the constructor during construction, can reduce the probability of accidents during construction, and has high safety.

3. Aluminum spigot truss looks beautiful and durable

Aluminum spigot truss is made of aluminum alloy material, and the appearance is mostly silver white, which is very beautiful and durable. Its appearance has high friction resistance, high flexibility, and can withstand high impact strength. It is also very resistant to water and fire, and it can work normally whether it is high-temperature work or low-temperature construction. The appearance of aluminum spigot truss is not easy to weather and age, and it can be used for a long time.


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