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Advantages and calculations of aluminum truss

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Aluminum truss is also called truss. It is made up of aluminum through cutting, processing, welding, polishing, painting and other treatments. Aluminum truss can be built into various large, medium and small truss systems according to the site. Aluminum truss is lightweight, easy to build and transport, and its maximum span can reach more than 30 meters. Aluminum is extremely resistant to compression, corrosion and durability, and can be combined flexibly according to specific requirements. Aluminum truss is light and delicate, strong and durable. Its surface can be sprayed with black, red, green, brown and other colors. Aluminum truss is suitable for indoor and outdoor ceremonial celebration advertisements and small and medium-sized event performances, and can also be applied to large-scale event performances and concerts.


Advantages of aluminum truss:

1. The square heads of the truss are all welded with solid aluminum plates, which will never change shape. Generally speaking, the load-bearing capacity of the aluminum alloy line can reach more than 700kg. Such a load-bearing capacity can meet various performance needs.

2. Strong wind resistance, quick construction and good durability. Both ends of the truss are perforated with steel plates, which greatly increases the service life of the truss.

3. One investment, 10 years of use, will not rust, and the durability is 10 times that of iron. The corrosion resistance and durability of aluminum truss are unparalleled. Under normal circumstances, the life of aluminum truss can reach more than several decades.

 Bolt Square Trusss

Aluminum truss is a load-bearing structure with a geometric lattice structure connected by straight rods at corresponding nodes. Under load, aluminum truss members mainly bear axial tension or pressure. When the span is large, it can save material compared with solid web beams, reduce dead weight and increase rigidity, so it is suitable for large-span load-bearing structures and high-rise structures.


Aluminum truss is half lighter than traditional iron trusses. The lighter weight can save us a lot of trouble and facilitate our construction operations. Secondly, aluminum truss is made of high-quality aluminum alloy raw materials, the material itself has good resistance to acidic substances, so that it can prevent itself from being corroded, so as not to rust the performance of the rigid truss. In addition, aluminum truss has a life span of more than 10 years, and it also has excellent compression resistance.


Aluminum truss calculation:

1.The actual truss nodes are connected by welds, rivets or bolts, which have great rigidity. When analyzing the truss according to the just-connected nodes, each member will be subjected to both force and bending moment. However, in general, the height of each bar section in a steel truss is small, only 1/15 and 1/10 of its length, and the bending rigidity is small. Therefore, the member bending moment M calculated according to the rigidly connected truss is often small, and the axial force N of the member is also slightly different from the calculation result of the truss, so it is generally calculated according to the hinged truss. In this way, all rods are axially compressed or axially tensioned, and do not bear bending moments. Detailed calculations can be performed using numerical solution, graphic method, computer method, etc.


2. For some complex plane statically determinate trusses, it is necessary to use the nodal method and the section method to solve them. Because all the forces acting on the research object constitute a plane arbitrary force system, only three independent balance equations can be listed, so the number of shots cut each time should not be more than three. If there are more than three, but except for one rod, the internal forces of the other rods all converge at a point or are parallel to each other, then the internal force of this rod can still be obtained. The section method is suitable for solving the internal forces of aluminum truss internal members. Suppose a section is used to cut the truss into two sections, and the balance of any one section is studied to find the internal force of the truncated member. This method is called the section method.


3. The reaction force of the truss support is usually obtained first. Because all the forces acting on each node form a plane convergent force system, only two independent equilibrium equations can be listed. Therefore, the internal force of these two rods should be obtained from the node containing at least one known force. Then select other nodes with only two unknown forces as the research object in order to find the internal forces of all the members. When the aluminum truss is subjected to external force, the entire aluminum truss is balanced, and any part of the truss must also be balanced. Taking each node as the research object, analyze its force and balance one by one, so as to obtain the internal force of all the members. This method is called the node method.


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