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Advantages and functions of aluminum stage truss

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  Aluminum stage truss is a combination of 6061-T6 aluminum material through cutting, processing, welding, polishing, painting and other treatments. It is widely used in performances, exhibitions, event celebrations and other activities. People can build various truss systems of different specifications according to the site, and they can be combined flexibly according to specific requirements.

  1. Advantages of Aluminum stage truss

  Aluminum stage truss is resistantto rust, so there is no need to worry about rust. If you still feel unsafe, you can apply a little anti-rust glue on the aluminum stage truss that you bought back, so that the service life will be longer.

  Aluminum stage truss is not easy to break, and those that are easy to break on the market are inferior products. Aluminum stage truss is mainly used to hang lights, so it is absolutely reliable in terms of load-bearing.

  Aluminum stage truss is easy to build. Its installation saves time and effort. The most important point is that once one of the segments is lost, or a certain segment is damaged, you only need to find the manufacturer to buy one, instead of buying all of it.

Aluminum stage truss

  2.Aluminum stage truss builds a variety of styles for you

  Today's stage activities, in order to increase the stage lighting effects, all need to use aluminum stage truss. The Aluminum stage truss has grand style and strong visual impact. It is an ideal choice for exhibitions, advertising companies, exhibition companies, wedding companies, etc. Aluminum stage truss has excellent compressive resistance, and the average load-bearing capacity can reach 500kg. It can meet the needs of large-scale audio equipment for various performances and music.Aluminum stage truss is lightweight, half lighter than traditional iron trusses. It saves more cost and energy for construction and transportation, and also has high-quality corrosion resistance and durability.

  3.Aluminum stage truss is a good helper for outdoor performances

  Aluminum stage truss is more and more popular because of its unique charm. It has a small footprint and a unique leaping method of erection, so that it will not damage any obstacle itself. Aluminum stage truss is easy to install, move, store, and transport. It can be used indoors and outdoors, and it is noiseless and more environmentally friendly. Aluminum stage truss can be installed on most working terrain and ground.It is light in weight, heavy in load, easy to move, and can be pushed to any work place. At present, Aluminum stage truss has been widely used in more fields. Another feature of Aluminum stage truss is that the equipment itself does not need power supply to operate, it can be assembled and disassembled freely without any tools, it is close to the working point, and it has no outriggers and other restrictions.Aluminum stage truss' solid structure, reliable performance, flexible movement, convenient operation, etc. make it play incisively and vividly in various industries. With its support, the originally extremely complicated and even impossible work has become concise and extremely safe. So now the aluminum stage truss has slowly begun to become one of the essential equipment for outdoor performances.

Aluminum stage truss

  4. What are the main performance characteristics of Aluminum stage truss?

  Aluminum stage trussitself can withstand tension and pressure very well, and is widely used in bridges, transmission line towers, and crane trusses.As far as the selection of the entire material is concerned, it is generally required that when choosing aluminum stage truss, it is required to have good precision welding, baking paint technology, standardized processing and other characteristics. In this way, the construction cost can be effectively reduced during the construction and use, and it can also effectively reduce the self-weight and increase the rigidity requirements.From the perspective of the entire truss construction process, it can effectively play the role of materials and save materials. Aluminum stage truss can effectively reduce the weight of the structure, and the product can be reused. Its appearance is more beautiful, and it is the most cost-effective one in the current stage construction process.

Aluminum stage truss

  5. The use of Aluminum stage truss in opera

  Aluminum stage truss is a kind of stage truss. Its main function is to mount lights to render the atmosphere of the stage. It can be said that for live performances, leaving the stage truss is equivalent to leaving the light, and leaving the light performance will definitely not be a good performance.Those who have seen opera performances know that lighting is very important. Because the lights on the stage have to change the brightness and angle of the lights at any time according to the advancement of the plot, just like the classic "Phantom of the Opera".If there is no aluminum stage truss to support the lights alone in the air, how can the stage lights move back and forth along with it? Therefore, for aluminum stage truss, it is the most correct to play its role in the right place.

Aluminum stage truss

  6. How does Aluminum stage truss ensure safety?

  Aluminum stage truss is an indispensable truss product for stage building, and trusses are also widely used in various industries. So how to ensure the safety of the truss when using aluminum stage truss?

  (1) First of all, the material of aluminum stage truss is very important. There are generally two types of truss materials, but we recommend that you choose 6082-t6. The truss of this material is unmatched by other products in terms of performance and use. It has strong corrosion resistance, high strength and non-toxic properties.

  (2) Secondly, the wall thickness of aluminum stage truss has a certain influence on its welding quality and load-bearing. We recommend that you use a truss with a truss thickness of 4 cm or more, so that the truss produced can be guaranteed.

  A good truss product requires not only good materials and design, but also good manufacturing processes. The high-qualityaluminum stage trusswelds finely, and there is no misalignment of the screw holes.

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