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Advantages of Advertising Truss

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Advertising trusses have been favored in the advertising industry in recent years. Why are trusses so popular? From the perspective of practical use, it is mainly the following factors: bearing weight, use environment, transportation, inventory size, and truss price.

Advantages of Advertising Truss

Advertising Aluminum Truss Bearing Weight

The truss is a structure made of steel pipes or advertising metal truss pipes after cutting and welding. It has the characteristics of light weight and strong load-bearing capacity. The application of trusses in the advertising industry is mainly background frames. diagonal brace. Steel trusses are routinely used because the price of steel trusses is lower than that of aluminum alloy trusses.

Advertising Aluminum Truss Price

The performance of the truss is superior. Compared with the X display rack and the roll-up board, it is not easy to be affected by the air flow in indoor and outdoor advertising. The structure is stable and the size of the advertising surface is flexible. The advertising metal truss can be of any size, and there is no need to worry about the distortion and imbalance of the picture scale. The price of trusses is much lower than that of display racks, and the cost per unit area is much lower.

Advertising Aluminum Truss Use Environment

As an advertising metal truss, in addition to being used alone as a background frame, the truss can also be combined with the stage, cooperate with the construction of exhibition booths, etc., and can even be concave for some special occasions, weddings, celebrations, and theme flower arrays.

Advertising Aluminum Truss Inventory and Shipping

Two categories of trusses: fixed truss (the strongest one among trusses, with high reusability, the only disadvantage is that the transportation cost is relatively high.); folding truss (the biggest advantage is the low transportation cost and high reusability .) The two types of advertising metal truss are light in structure and easy to transport. The fixed trusses can be stacked and high, and the floor space is small. There are many fixed trusses used for advertising trusses.

advantages of advertising truss

How to Maintain the Surface of Advertising Aluminum Truss

Aluminum alloy trusses are frequently used in events, whether it is wedding venue layout, or indoor and outdoor activities, the shadow of aluminum alloy trusses is everywhere. The organizer of the event can choose to purchase the aluminum alloy truss directly or lease it. The direct purchase is generally the one with high activity frequency or the rental builder.

For the advertising metal truss, the product will be damaged to a certain extent during the construction, disassembly, transportation and use. For frequent use, the service life will be shortened. If it is to be reused, the maintenance work of the aluminum alloy truss must be done well. 

Cleaning Work on the Surface of Advertising Aluminum Truss

When the advertising metal truss is in use, do not use a rag to wipe the dirt, rain, etc. on the surface. The surface of the aluminum alloy truss is generally galvanized. Wiping with the rag will lose the gloss of the metal surface and look old. If you need to wipe the surface, please choose a soft cloth to reduce scratches on the aluminum alloy truss.

advertising metal truss

Advertising Aluminum Truss Surface Anti-corrosion Treatment

The aluminum plate truss will produce rust spots after using for a period of time or because the surface is clean or because of the adhesion of foreign objects. At this time, attention should be paid to it. After removing the rusted parts, it is necessary to spray wax or apply anti-rust paint for maintenance. In addition, some small parts connected, such as pins and rivets, should be checked regularly for anti-rust treatment.

For specially customized concert stage truss such as surface baking paint, the dirt attached to the surface can be wiped off with clean water and stored in a dry warehouse after being ventilated and dried. Aluminum alloy trusses are widely used, and only a little knowledge of maintenance can be used for a longer time.


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