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Advantages of Layher Stage

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  Layher Stage is also called roulette stand and roulette stand. Its installation and disassembly are particularly easy and simple, and the technical requirements are not high. It only needs to be fixed with a hammer, so no matter where it is in a short time, a perfect stage can be constructed.

layher stage

  Layer Stage is widely used in architecture, stage background, lighting frame, etc. The stable and safe Layer Stages are also widely used in large-scale performances. Compared with other stage forms, what are the advantages of Layer Stage style stage? The basic structure of the Layer Stage style stage itself is relatively small and relatively simple, its installation is very convenient, and saves time and energy. The biggest advantage is that the functions of the stage are different. It can assemble various frame scales and single-row, double-row, support columns and performance material promotion racks according to detailed construction requirements. Equipped with a stage, it can also be set up according to design requirements to make the stage effect more colorful.

layher stage

  Compared with the traditional stage, the quality of the Layher Stage frame is the most advantageous in splicing and disassembly. This not only effectively reduces labor and personnel costs, but also effectively controls the performance time and can give full play to the role of the performance. Regarding the stage safety of the Layher Stage frame, although the Layher Stage frame is very simple, its carrying capacity is several times that of the traditional stage structure. The Layer Stage framework can achieve high layout strength and good stability in three dimensions. The stability of the platform is greatly improved, so it can be applied regardless of its performance.

  Behind the colorful stage is the Layher Stage frame stage, which is silently paid, but it is little known. Due to the powerful advantages of the Layher Stage frame stage, the staff can build a Layher Stage structure stage in a short time, and then show the audience a large stage.

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