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Advantages of choosing truss for stage construction

Date: 26.08.2020 Viewed: times
We can call the truss a pillar at first. With the promotion of truss, it has gradually been applied in many industries. Truss construction is now an indispensable equipment in stage construction. It can be said that it has played an irreplaceable role, so nowadays, trusses are chosen when stage events are held.

The advantage of aluminum light truss is that it has a stable structure and can meet sufficient pressure, and if the truss is made of strong materials, it can be used as a ceiling. For example, the application of truss ceilings in gas stations is very common. The role of the truss in stage construction is already very important. The place where you can often see the truss should be the place where the stage is built. It is currently the most suitable equipment for stage construction, because if there is no truss, it will cost a lot to build a stage. A lot of time not only consumes a lot of manpower and material resources, but also delays everyone's rehearsal time. Using trusses can introduce more than half of the construction time, and it is fast and convenient to build. Some people may think that the truss should not be useful for those who want to use the stage for a long time. In fact, it is not the case. The long-term use of the stage should use the truss to build the foundation, so that the stage can be used for a longer time.

line array truss

line array truss

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