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Advantages of aluminum spigot truss and screw truss

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  The application range of aluminum alloy truss is very wide, and the safety performance is relatively good. The advantage of metal performance makes the aluminum alloy truss eliminate the iron aluminum alloy truss. According to the type of interface, aluminum alloy trusses are divided into aluminum alloy screw truss and aluminum spigot truss. What are their advantages?

  Screw trusses are difficult to install and disassemble, and the speed of disassembly and assembly is slow, but the overall stability of the screw truss is very good, not easy to deform, high safety performance, strong load-bearing capacity, and the large-scale screw truss can increase the aluminum plate to increase its load-bearing capacity. The advantage is relatively large. Large event truss and exhibition truss use screw trusses.

  Aluminum spigot truss has beautiful appearance, simple and convenient installation. But its production cost is relatively high. If you consider it for a long time, it is recommended to choose a spigot truss.

Aluminum spigot truss

  Quick to build and many types

  Customers are always God, and God cannot always buy trusses built with the same structure. Aluminum spigot truss is more advantageous when it comes to customized or special needs, because there are many types and models. In addition, aluminum spigot truss uses bolts for docking installation, which is very fast, saves time and people, and greatly improves the efficiency of the workers who set up the stage on site.

  ensure quality

  Aluminum spigot truss will not hinder any small things at the bottom. In addition, the material is made of aluminum alloy 6061-T6. The truss must have high strength and durability, and the product is exquisite.

  Beautiful, good after-sales service

  The aluminum spigot truss is galvanized, and the surface is bright in color. The stage light is reflected on the aluminum truss, and the whole stage will be brighter. In addition, the after-sales service of the products of the World Exhibition Group is good, and the maintenance of the truss later can ask us questions at any time. If the truss is damaged during the warranty period, please contact us in time.

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