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Advantages of using aluminum spigot truss

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The application range of aluminum alloy trusses is very wide, and the safety performance is relatively good. Aluminum alloy light frame can be divided into aluminum alloy screw truss structure, aluminum spigot truss. At present, the performance companies and leasing companies that have aluminum alloy light frames in China generally purchase aluminum alloy screw-type trusses, also known as square-pass trusses. As the country attaches great importance to the cultural undertakings of performances, the market for stage trusses continues to develop, and the requirements for the rapidity of stage equipment construction are getting higher and higher.


The advantages of aluminum screw truss and aluminum spigot truss:

1. The installation and disassembly of aluminum screw truss is slower than that of aluminum spigot truss, but the overall stability of aluminum screw truss is very good, not easy to deform, high safety performance, and strong load-bearing capacity. In addition, the large aluminum screw truss can increase the aluminum plate to increase its load-bearing capacity, which has a greater advantage in applicable occasions.

2. Aluminum spigot truss has beautiful appearance, simple and convenient installation. But its production cost is higher, so the price is higher when it is leased.

 12 inch aluminum square box truss" alt="12 inch aluminum square box truss" />

Comparison between aluminum screw truss and aluminum spigot truss:

(1) When installing the aluminum screw truss, all screw structures are used for assembly, which requires a large labor cost, but the structure is simple and the load bearing is good.

(2) The aluminum screw truss has been verified in the market, and ordinary customers have recognized and accepted the structural concept of the aluminum screw truss.

(3) The aluminum spigot truss is directly connected with the plug during installation, which is simple and convenient, greatly saves labor costs, improves work efficiency, and completes an event easily and quickly.

(4) Aluminum spigot truss has a beautiful appearance and strong bearing capacity. The purchase cost of aluminum spigot truss on the market is higher than that of aluminum screw trusses.

(5) In terms of cost: aluminum spigot truss with the same specifications and materials generally cost more than screw trusses. The production of aluminum spigot truss requires investment in a precise aluminum frame spot welding platform, aluminum frame welding positioning platform, and aluminum frame correction platform. The investment in these equipment needs to be relatively large. It is required that the process must not have any errors, the technical requirements are higher, and the processing procedures are more, so the aluminum spigot truss cost is high. The accuracy of aluminum screw truss does not need to be as high as aluminum spigot truss, it uses less equipment, and the process is simpler than aluminum spigot truss, so the cost is lower.

(6) In terms of speed of disassembly and assembly: Generally, it only takes about ten seconds to disassemble and disassemble an interface for a pin interface, while the screw interface needs to loosen the screw. There are many screws for the aluminum interface, so it takes a long time to install. Especially for large projects, the accumulated time cost will be greatly increased, but the electric wrench tool can make up for this shortcoming.

(7) Load-bearing safety: After TUV test, the load-bearing capacity of the two interfaces is the same with the same specification and the same material. There is a misunderstanding in China: the bolt is not safe, and the load-bearing capacity of the bolt is worse than that of the screw.

(8) In terms of aesthetics: the aluminum alloy trusses are silver-white in color, and the appearance is very beautiful, but the aluminum spigot truss is more beautiful when built.

 12 inch aluminum square box truss

Advantages of aluminum spigot truss to build the stage:

1. Fast construction and many types

Customers cannot always buy trusses built with the same structure. When it comes to customized or special needs, the latch truss is more advantageous. Because of its variety, various models are available. In addition, aluminum spigot truss uses bolts for docking installation, which is very fast, saves time and people, and greatly improves the efficiency of the workers who set up the stage on site.

2. Guarantee quality and quantity

Aluminum spigot truss will not hinder any small things at the bottom. In addition, the material is made of aluminum alloy 6061-T6. The truss must be high in strength and durability.

3. Beautiful appearance, good after-sales service

Aluminum spigot truss is galvanized, the surface color is bright, and the stage lights are reflected on the aluminum alloy, and the whole stage feels bright.


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