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Aluminum Foldable Stage Truss Application and Its Advantages

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The aluminum foldable stage truss is a structure in which a plurality of straight rods are connected by hinges at both ends; and because of the stability of the triangle, most of the plane and space structures of the truss are triangular; and the truss rods mainly bear the axial tension. or pressure, so the requirements for the strength of the aluminum foldable stage truss material are more stringent. This article focuses on the aluminum foldable stage truss material selection and its advantages. And, the aluminum foldable stage truss would be introduced at the end of this article.

Aluminum Foldable Stage Truss Application

There are many uses for aluminum foldable stage truss, but they are commonly used in conferences, exhibitions, press conferences, and annual meetings of large companies and companies. and other places to see it, and we can also use it for concerts, singing and dancing evenings, road performances, and even various large-scale commercial performances. At the same time, we can also use it in KTV, bars, hotels, auditoriums, conference halls, It is used in stadiums, entertainment venues and public broadcasting.

aluminum foldable stage truss

Aluminum Foldable Stage Truss Advantage

The folding stage truss is a relatively new truss among the aluminum alloy stage trusses. It was designed by a foreign company in the past few years, and was later improved, and gradually promoted in China. The aluminum foldable stage truss has: span Large, fast installation, good load-bearing capacity, space-saving transportation and other advantages.

Folding stage trusses have two states: folded and opened. The open state is in the shape of a triangular column, which is also commonly used in the construction of movable truss projects. The folding stage truss is the stable characteristic of the triangle, which gives it the advantages of load-bearing capacity and span. Usually, the folding stage truss is only used for the construction of the beam part, and the square stage truss is still used for the column. The folded stage truss is transformed by folding parts. During transportation and storage, the folded stage truss is flat, which saves space very much. After our experimental calculation, it can save 2/3 of the volume. It is very useful for customers to solve transportation and storage problems.

foldable stage truss

The applicable occasions of the folding stage truss are: performance truss engineering, activity greenhouses, lighting and audio hanging, etc., which are the same as ordinary stage truss applications. The difference is: in the more conventional applications of folding stage trusses, it is not recommended to use folding stage trusses for special-shaped and special-shaped projects (folding stage trusses cannot be customized with non-linear shapes), which is also the current new trend of folding stage trusses. The embarrassment in the application of the market. It is undeniable that the technology of folding stage trusses is constantly updated, the folding structure is continuously improved, and the development of folding stage trusses such as folding square frames will make it more and more widely used in China.

Aluminum Foldable Stage Truss of SHZIHAN GROUP

Aluminum foldable stage truss is a truss with four main tubes that can be folded into pieces for easy transportation, and when used, it can be unfolded with a gentle pull by hand, and then the truss can be fixed by tightening it with square ends. The Folding Truss can be folded because the middle wire and the four main tubes are not directly welded, but an articulation is made through a nut, so that the Folding Truss can be turned in the direction of the axis.

folding truss

Although the Folding Truss can be folded for easy transportation, it is not as strong as the Fixed Truss, especially for the construction of large span booths. The fixed truss is that all the tubes of the truss are welded together and cannot be folded, so it takes up a lot of space when transporting, for example, a car can hold 240 meters of round tube Folding Truss but only 80 square tube fixed truss. However, the strength of square tube fixed truss is stronger than round tube Folding Truss, so it is not easy to sag when building a large span booth, strong and durable, and not easy to wear. Therefore, customers must decide which truss they want according to their needs when choosing truss.


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