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Aluminum Stage Truss Common Lamps and Their Features

Date: 11.08.2022 Viewed: times

Nowadays, stage truss is now widely used in many outdoor concert. Lamps are indispensable things. In this article, SHIZHAN Group focuses on aluminum stage truss common lamps and their features.

Aluminum Stage Truss Common Lamps and Stage Truss Lamps Features Lamps

1. Spotlight: It is one of the most widely used main lights in stage truss lighting. At present, there are 1KW, 2KW and 2KW in the market. It irradiates concentrated light, the edge of the light spot is relatively clear, it can highlight a part, and it can also magnify the light spot to illuminate an area.

2. Soft light: The aluminum stage truss light is soft and well-proportioned, which can not only highlight a certain part, but also has no blunt light spots, which is convenient for several lights to be connected. The common ones are 0.3KW, 1KW, 2KW, etc. It is mostly used for short-range light positions such as column light and flowing light.

steel folding stage

3. Back light: It is a kind of reflective lamp, which is characterized by hard light quality, high illuminance and long range. It is an economical and efficient strong light. The common ones are 0.5KW, 1KW, 2KW, etc., 2KW is used the most.

4. Astigmatism light: The aluminum stage truss light is diffuse, uniform, and has a large projection area. It is divided into sky-row astigmatism and ground-row astigmatism. Common ones are 0.5KW, 1KW, 1.25KW, 2KW, etc., which are mostly used for sky curtain illumination, and can also be used for theater chairmen Universal lighting for desks.

5. Modeling light: The principle is between the follow spot light and the spotlight. It is a special kind of light, which is mainly used for the modeling projection of characters and scenery.

6. Foot light: (also known as strip light): soft light and wide area. Mainly used as medium shot, netscape lighting, color distribution, and also can be used as auxiliary surface lighting at the stage entrance.

7. Light column light: (also known as downlight): It is widely used at present aluminum stage truss, such as PAR64 and other models. It can be used for all-round lighting of characters and scenery, and can also be directly installed on the stage, exposed to the audience, forming a light array, and has dual functions of stage decoration and lighting.

round stage

8. Projection slides and canopy effect lights: It can form an overall picture on the stage canopy, and various special effects, such as: wind, rain, snow, electricity, water, fire, smoke, clouds, etc.

9. Computer light: This is a smart aluminum stage truss light fixture controlled by DMX512 or RS232 or PMX signal. Its light color, light spot and illumination are better than the above conventional light fixtures. It is a smart light fixture developed in recent years. , top light, the steps behind the stage, etc., the color, shape, diagram, etc. of its operation can be programmed. Due to the different power levels, the use on stage trusses should be different. Generally, low-power computer lights are only suitable for dance halls. On the stage, low-power computer lighting lines and light spots are often diluted by stage spotlights, back lights, etc., so special attention should be paid to the selection.

assemble stage

10. Follow-spot light: It is an emerging aluminum stage truss lamp of modern stage lighting. It is characterized by high brightness and the use of lens imaging, which can present a clear spot. By adjusting the focal length, the virtual and real spot can be changed. There is an active light bar, which can easily change the color, and the lamp body can run freely. At present, there are many varieties in the market, and the way of marking indicators is also different. For example, 1KW halogen tungsten light source, 1KW dysprosium light source, 0.8KW metal halide light source, etc., are based on power. There are also follow spot lights based on distance (at a specific distance). light intensity and illuminance), such as 8--10m follow spot light, 15--30m follow spot light, 30--50m follow spot light, 50--80m follow spot light, etc., and the functional area is: mechanical tracking light Light, its focus, aperture, color change are all done manually. Another kind of computer follow spot light, its focus, aperture, color change, and color temperature adjustment are all automatically unsuccessful by pushing and pulling potentiometers, so be sure to use various indicators carefully before using it first.


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