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Aluminum Stage Truss – Questions You would Ask

Date: 21.07.2022 Viewed: times

Points to note when purchasing stage trusses

First of all, pay attention to the inspection of market certification standards, and select products according to relatively uniform and strict standards. Secondly, we must pay attention to the selection of stage truss brands, fully consider the reputation and reputation of manufacturers and brands, and do a good job in identifying the authenticity of the brand. Third, every time you buy a product, you must combine the specific stage construction needs, make a reasonable choice of size and size, and cannot choose randomly.

What are the functions of the stage truss in the application?

The stage truss is mainly used to build the support stage. Its design has passed the professional mechanical test, and its load-bearing structure is very reasonable, so the built stage has high stability. Secondly, it can also be built as a backstage video wall and a top bracket, which is what we have seen for the background cloth and the lighting and sound suspension.

The application of the stage truss is more convenient for the stage setting of the temporary performance. Different stage venues can be built according to the specific conditions of the scene, such as the size and shape of the venue, which greatly facilitates the organizer of the event. At the same time, it is very stable. Well, don't worry about its firmness due to vigorous dancing etc.

Is it easy to build a stage truss?

In terms of the role of the stage truss, it needs to carry the weight of actors and performance equipment, so it needs to have a very strong structure. Therefore, when producing the truss, a firmer four-sided welding method is used, and the highest strength 6061-T6 aluminum alloy is used as the raw material for processing. Among them, the method of fish-scale solder joints is used for welding, and the solder joints are more uniform, more beautiful, and higher in strength.

A single stage truss is just a frame and does not have the ability to apply. It also needs to be matched with good lighting effects and music effects, and the selection of high-quality aluminum alloy lighting stands can not only render the atmosphere to the highest level, but also withstand the test of strong winds. Although the actor is the protagonist during the performance, the truss stage is indeed a supporting role that cannot be ignored. Its quality and aesthetics have an absolute influence on the success of a performance. Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to consider various factors comprehensively, and the truss that can adapt to the changing environment is the best.

What convenience does the stage truss bring?

Many stages now require very cool stunts. When making stunts, it is inevitable to use highly corrosive materials on the stage, which has higher requirements for the quality of the stage. People have invented a stage frame with good corrosion resistance called stage truss, which can solve many problems that have plagued everyone for a long time. Aluminum metal is a very active material and can be easily combined with other materials. This is a relatively weak disadvantage, but if used well, it can also become an important advantage. Because of its active nature, people can easily Combining other substances with aluminum metal can make aluminum metal have more advantageous properties.

For example, in order to improve the corrosion resistance, an oxide film can be plated on the surface of aluminum, and it can also be combined with other metals to form an aluminum alloy, which greatly improves the oxidation resistance and hardness of the aluminum metal. In the future, you don't have to worry about being corroded or broken by heavy objects. Formally, because of the lightweight characteristics of aluminum, people will design the stage truss to be able to repeatedly fold the shelf, which is very convenient for storage and transportation, saving more space and making it into a movable shelf. It is convenient to build in various places, and it can have a good stage effect. It can also save a lot of manpower handling, saving everyone effort and time.


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