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Aluminum stage truss build various styles of stage

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In today's various large-scale stage activities, in order to pursue perfect and gorgeous stage effects, it is necessary to use aluminum stage truss to build the required shape. For general exhibitions or stage performances, trusses are generally required, because they are easier to build, more flexible, and safer. Therefore, now aluminum stage truss has also become diverse, allowing it to adapt to various requirements. The stage built by aluminum stage truss is magnificent and has strong visual impact, making it an ideal choice for publicity. The average weight of aluminum stage truss can reach 500kg, which can meet the needs of large-scale audio equipment for various performances and music.


It is very common to use trusses in our activities. When choosing a truss, we will consider many factors, of which the flexibility of the truss is one of them. In the event, we may encounter situations where the truss installation needs to be replaced, and the flexibility of the truss will play a big role. The sensitive display of aluminum stage truss makes it popular with many stage planners. The aluminum alloy truss has a beautiful appearance and is sensitive to changes. It can adapt to various fashion shows, celebrations, product launches, etc. at home and abroad.

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The flexibility of aluminum stage truss:

Stage trusses have been in the field of truss construction for a long time. Compared with tubular trusses and square tube trusses, aluminum stage truss is more widely used than tubular trusses and square tube trusses. The overall performance of the aluminum stage truss structure is very superior, with large varying stiffness and beautiful surface. It is relatively easy to manufacture, install, flip and lift. Aluminum stage truss has the advantages of light structure and good rigidity, which can give full play to its effect. The sensitivity of aluminum stage truss does not mean that the installation is sensitive. There is a big difference between certain activities between outdoor assembly and factory processing. These activities are affected by weather, temperature, operating platform, welding equipment, welding materials, location and other factors.


How can aluminum stage truss be safe and creative?

1. Rich experience in building

After the entire rendering is determined, the booth construction is a more important step, which tests the experience and ability of the workers. Especially for aluminum stage truss, whether it is a stage or a truss, experienced construction workers are required, who can handle the details of the booth without causing on-site problems such as bumps.

2. Legal business qualifications

All booth builders selected must have legal operating qualifications. At the same time, a professional construction and installation technical team is also required, as well as professionals who are regularly engaged in exhibition construction projects. Ensure that there are sufficient manpower and material resources to complete the aluminum stage truss and other construction work within the specified time.

3. Repair and maintenance after installation

After the booth is set up, the booth builder shall undertake repairs and maintenance services for the booth throughout the exhibition period. If the requirements for improvement or adjustment of the booth are reasonable, the booth constructor needs to provide services. And during the entire exhibition, there may be problems with the construction of aluminum stage truss. Therefore, booth repair and maintenance services are required by a booth builder.


Aluminum stage truss maintenance:

1. Wipe clean. Since the device itself has a protective film, in order to avoid damage to the protective film, the cleaning tool can choose a soft cloth. The cleaning effort should be small and the cleaning frequency should not be too high.

2. Anti-corrosion. Aluminum stage truss equipment is made of metal or aluminum alloy, so it is necessary to wax the appearance or spray protective paint to extend the service life of the equipment.


Since most of today's assembled steel trusses use aluminum stage truss, their stability and strength are no less than that of fixed steel trusses, and their safety is relatively high. In addition, compared to fixed steel trusses, aluminum stage truss has its unique advantages: First, it is easy to disassemble and save space. When there is a demand for performances in various commercial sports or exhibitions, open spaces can be set aside to build steel trusses. After the sports, the aluminum stage truss can be disassembled without occupying space. Secondly, it has good pressure resistance and can be reused. The aluminum stage truss uses aluminum alloy and other materials, which have good compressive performance and can bear the weight of the actors.


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