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Analyze the accessory functions of aluminum truss

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Aluminum truss is generally composed of straight rods with a plane or space structure with triangular units. Aluminum truss is half lighter than traditional iron trusses, saving a lot of cost in construction and transportation. Aluminum truss is lightweight, easy to transport and install, has excellent compression resistance, super corrosion resistance and durability. The axial force of the upper and lower chords of aluminum truss is evenly distributed, the axial force of the web is small, and the materials used are less.


When using aluminum truss, one end of the crossbar is inserted into the hole of the base and tightened with screws. One end of the diagonal rod is fixed to the aluminum alloy light frame of the column with a single buckle, and the other end is screwed to the extension of the crossbar support. Aluminum truss needs to be maintained regularly after long-term use to ensure a longer service life of the product. Aluminum truss is easy to install, safe and reliable to use. Before building aluminum truss, choose a suitable site. Generally, it is better to use trusses on dry ground.

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Aluminum truss accessory functions:

1. Aluminum truss square sleeve

The function of the square sleeve is to connect the column aluminum alloy light frame and the beam aluminum alloy light frame. When the square sleeve is pulled by the chain hoist, the beam can be moved up and down. The diagonal support consists of two parts, the diagonal bar and the cross bar. The square sleeve is different from the six-sided joint. The six-sided joint cannot move up and down after connecting the beam, while the square sleeve can be moved.


2. Aluminum truss chain hoist

One end is fixed to the cross arm at the top of the column light frame, and one end is connected to the beam aluminum alloy light frame, and the zipper is pulled by hand to pull the cross beam aluminum alloy light frame. The cross bar is made of black painted iron, and the diagonal bar is made of aluminum alloy. Under load, the truss members mainly bear axial tension or pressure, so that the strength of the material can be fully utilized. When the span is large, it can save material compared with the solid web beam, reduce its own weight and increase the rigidity, so it is suitable for large-span load-bearing structures and high-rise structures.


3. Aluminum truss diagonal brace

The diagonal brace is used to reinforce the booth. When in use, it is fixed on the four-pillar aluminum alloy light frame at the four corners of the booth to strengthen the booth. A pulley is arranged inside the square sleeve so that the square sleeve can slide vertically along the direction of the column. When using, screw the cross arm to the top of the column cloth frame, then hang the chain hoist on it, and then hook the cross beam light frame.


4. Aluminum truss cross arm

The function of the cross arm is to fix the upper end of the chain hoist. Because of the large force it bears, it is generally made of steel.


5. Aluminum truss base

It is placed under the column aluminum alloy light frame to support the column truss. There are movable outriggers under the base, which can be adjusted in height, which is very useful for performance venues with uneven ground.


6. Aluminum truss reverse head

The shape is a 1-meter truss with a loose-leaf connection in the middle, and the upper part can be rotated 180 degrees along the connecting axis. The aluminum truss reverse head is made of high-strength materials, carefully selected and processed, and has high strength and durability. It has been polished and other operations with special craftsmanship, making the overall aluminum truss product beautiful and easy to use. The function of the reverse head is to facilitate the erection of the column truss. For a particularly high column aluminum light frame, if there is no reverse head, you need to use tools such as a ladder to assemble each node of the column light frame, and it is very simple and convenient to use the reverse head. First connect the aluminum truss lying flat, connect one end of the aluminum alloy light frame to the end of the reverse head, and fix the lower end of the reverse head to the base, and then several people stand up the aluminum truss, which is very labor-saving.The aluminum truss reverse head is also quite fast and convenient in transportation. Different types of products take up different amounts of space during transportation, which requires careful consideration when purchasing. The aluminum truss reverse head is produced through national standards and is deeply trusted by customers.


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