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Avoid deformation of aluminum alloy truss-Ⅱ

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  In addition to the reasons mentioned above, SHIZHAN Group tells you that there are several factors that will cause the lighting truss stage to deform.

  ◆ Scratches

  Precaution. Carry out surface modification and strong hardening treatment on the extrusion die to improve red hardness, wear resistance and scratch resistance; use high-quality refined die steel with high purity, less impurities, fine grains, small carbides, and isotropic Excellent performance, uniform chemical composition and structure, etc.: Or use steel-bonded cemented carbide to make molds. After upsetting and composite strong hardening heat treatment, the working surface of the mold has high hardness, red hardness, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, and Occlusion, anti-adhesive, anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion characteristics, and the steel matrix has high strength, surface hardness and internal rigidity give a long life; choose the best working belt width, after producing a certain aluminum product, polish the mold surface and work Belt; ensure the assembly accuracy of tooling and extrusion equipment; frequently lubricate guide paths and ducts. The adoption of the above measures can effectively prevent the surface of aluminum products from scratching, and ensure the internal quality and surface quality of truss stage aluminum products.

  ◆Overheating and overburning

  Precaution. Use high-precision WJ-1 type microcomputer for temperature control, which can make the temperature control accuracy reach ±1.5℃; strengthen the maintenance and inspection of heating equipment to ensure uniform temperature in all parts of the furnace cavity; strictly inspect the aluminum ingot blank to avoid oil pollution Inflammables, keep the blanks clean; formulate advanced and reasonable thermal processing procedures, careful operation and other measures to effectively avoid overheating and burning, so as to ensure that the structure and surface quality of aluminum products are qualified.

  ◆Out of tolerance of plastic deformation

  Precaution. Scientifically and accurately design the mold to avoid excessively large and long overhangs and installation of extrusion guide paths; strictly control the extrusion temperature and extrusion speed to ensure uniform plastic deformation and avoid midway stops; reasonably and accurately calculate the length of the blank to avoid excess Material; the first piece of the heating product is inspected, if any problems are found, the equipment should be repaired in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment; the extrusion temperature, extrusion speed and process parameters should be adjusted. The measures such as making them coordinated with each other can effectively prevent the plastic deformation of aluminum products from being out of tolerance, and achieve high quality and high yield.

  ◆Poor welding

  Precaution. Adopt advanced extrusion equipment, advanced technology and advanced technology, and strengthen scientific management; design molds correctly and reasonably to ensure that the plastic flow of aluminum metal is uniform and well welded; use high-quality aluminum ingots to ensure that the surface is smooth and clean without foreign matter. Clean up the surface of the aluminum billet; formulate reasonable extrusion temperature and extrusion speed for different grades of aluminum alloy; ensure that the extrusion equipment and working parts of the tool and die are free of foreign objects, etc., to obtain high-quality flat welds and make them have high Mechanical properties and product surface are not easy to crack under the action of external force.

truss stage aluminum

  Do you know the reason for the deformation of truss stage aluminum in lighting truss stage? As the guangzhou truss stage equipment factory, SHIZHAN Group insists on maintaining its original intention and is committed to bringing safe and high-quality products to everyone.

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