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Basic knowledge of aluminum scaffolding

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Aluminum alloy trusses, also called trusses, are generally made of 6061-T6 aluminum through cutting, processing, welding, polishing, painting and other treatments. Aluminum scaffolding can be built into various large, medium and small truss systems according to the site, and can be flexibly combined according to specific requirements.


1. Features of aluminum scaffolding:

(1) Reliability

The door-shaped scaffolding gives full play to the role of the frame combination, with good stability, smoothness between floors, stable and reliable overall structure, and neat and uniform operating environment. In order to make aluminum scaffolding use for a long time without rusting, the inner and outer surfaces of the product are treated with hot-dip galvanizing, which improves the corrosion resistance of the surface and prolongs the service life.

(2) Economy

Aluminum scaffolding adopts high-strength steel and overall hot-dip galvanizing process, which is light in weight, economical and durable. And it greatly reduces the cost of multiple paintings of the product, so that the cost of the product is significantly reduced. The door-shaped scaffolding is convenient to erect, disassemble, and has high efficiency. Compared with the commonly used steel pipe fastener scaffolding, the efficiency is improved by 50%-60%, and a lot of labor is saved.

(3) Usability

Aluminum scaffolding has reasonable design and serialized supporting use, which is convenient for transportation, storage and on-site management, creating favorable conditions for standardization and civilized management of construction sites. No other tools are needed for erection and disassembly of the door-shaped scaffolding. It is convenient and fast to operate, and is particularly safe for high-altitude operations. It is an ideal material for construction.

(4) Applicability

Aluminum scaffolding is widely used in the construction and maintenance of industrial-grade civil buildings such as factories, large stadiums, convention and exhibition centers, stages, billboards, shopping malls, subways, and shipbuilding.

 Aluminum scaffolding

2. Safety instructions for the use of Aluminum scaffolding

(1) The work of dismantling aluminum scaffolding must be undertaken by professional scaffolders, and physical examinations should be performed frequently. Those who are unsuitable for high-altitude operations cannot work.

(2) When building aluminum scaffolding, construction workers must wear safety helmets and safety belts. Tools should be put in the tool bag, and non-slip shoes must be worn for work.

(3) The aluminum scaffolding escalator must be set separately outside the shelf and must be connected with aluminum scaffolding. The straight climbing ladder inside the scaffold must not be used.

(4) If there are live lines to build aluminum scaffolding on the construction site, non-electricians are not allowed to tie the wires and electrical installations without authorization.

(5) When starting to build aluminum scaffolding, the aluminum scaffolding and the theme structure should be supported at any time in accordance with the regulations. At the same time, a safety net that rises and falls with its height should be set up.

(5) When starting to build aluminum scaffolding, the aluminum scaffolding and the theme structure should be supported at any time in accordance with the regulations. At the same time, a safety net that rises and falls with the height of aluminum should be installed.

(6) In severe weather, high-altitude scaffolding operations cannot be carried out when construction safety is affected.

(7) It is strictly forbidden to push excess materials on the scaffolding to ensure the smooth flow of aluminum scaffolding and prevent overloading.


3. Aluminum scaffolding to choose welding or cold press connection?

Welded aluminum scaffolding is to butt the tube and the tube in the form of welding. This kind of butt joint is to connect the pipes with high temperature. The strength of the welded connection has been proven through experiments and practices for many years, and the connecting parts are firm and will not loosen. The scaffold made by cold pressing process uses machine pressure to deform the aluminum alloy pipe and clamp the connecting parts through the deformation.


Aluminum scaffolding is a product for high-altitude operations. During high-altitude use, shaking is inevitable. The aluminum profile will also be deformed due to long-term force in different directions. Deformation will cause the connection part to loosen, and even if the welding connection is subjected to different directions of force, the welding part is firmly connected, so it is impossible to cause loosening.


Judging from the history of aluminum scaffolding development, both welding and cold pressing have existed. However, due to the average force applied to the cold press, the continuous force generated during the use process is prone to loosening of the connecting parts of the pipe fittings. Aluminum scaffolding products connected by cold pressing process are prone to loosening, and the selling price is usually higher than that of welded products, so most of the market choose aluminum scaffolding with welded structure.

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