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Basic knowledge of ringlock scaffolding

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Ringlock scaffolding is used to support bridge projects such as viaducts, tunnel projects, elevated water towers, etc. and special workshops. At the same time, it is also suitable for overpasses, span scaffolds, and storage shelves. The ringlock scaffolding system is divided into 48 systems and 60 systems, consisting of main components such as vertical rods, cross rods, inclined rods, bases, standard bases, and top supports.


The vertical rod is welded with a disc, and there are eight holes on the disc, four small holes are dedicated for cross bars, and four large holes are dedicated for oblique bars. The connecting method of the cross bar and the inclined bar are all bolt-type, which can ensure that the rods are firmly connected to the vertical rods. The cross bar and diagonal bar joints are specially made according to the arc of the pipe, and are in full-surface contact with the vertical steel pipe. After the bolt is tightened, the force is exerted at three points, which can be firmly fixed to increase the structural strength and transmit horizontal force.


Ringlock scaffolding is one of the stable scaffolding systems among load-bearing scaffolding and non-load-bearing scaffolding. The diagonal diagonal rod is connected to the eight-hole plate of the vertical rod through a wedge-shaped pin to complete the triangular stable structure. The ringlock scaffolding connection method is the mainstream scaffolding connection method, and the reasonable node design can achieve the force transmission of each member through the node center. Ringlock scaffolding is a replacement product of scaffolding, with mature technology, firm connection, stable and reliable structure.

 Ringlock Scaffolding

Advantages of ringlock scaffolding:

1. The product quality is high, the safety factor is high, and most of them are qualified products.

2. It can save construction period, has high work efficiency, and is beautiful and tidy. Nowadays, construction projects have higher and higher requirements for construction period. In particular, the construction market is sluggish and the competition among construction companies has intensified. In order to improve competitiveness, they will actively adopt new products and new processes.


Because the ringlock scaffolding is made of Q345B low-carbon alloy, it has a large bearing capacity, which can save at least 1/3 of the material and save a lot of labor at the same time. Its unique socket-type structure makes installation simple and fast. Ringlock scaffolding has developed rapidly in construction due to its strong load-bearing capacity, beautiful appearance, simple operation, and low material loss.


Ringlock scaffolding features:

1. High construction efficiency. One person and one hammer can also quickly complete the construction, saving man-hours and labor costs.

2. The image of the construction site is "tall". The ringlock scaffolding was set up, and the construction site got rid of the “dirty mess”.

3. Less material consumption. There is no need to use fasteners, half of the steel is saved than traditional scaffolding, and the frame is stronger and more stable.

4. The safety of construction personnel is more guaranteed. The bearing capacity and stability of the disc buckle body are better.

5. The service life is long, and the cost per use is lower than other scaffolding. Ringlock scaffolding is waterproof, fireproof and rustproof, no maintenance required, saving money and trouble.


Ringlock scaffolding has core advantages such as strong high temperature resistance, non-combustion, and strong bearing capacity. To avoid any potential safety hazards, everything is based on the customer's starting point. During the construction process, ensure the smoothness of the system channel and ensure safety to eliminate future troubles. It can be said that ringlock scaffolding makes our construction workers safer and more efficient at work.

Requirements for ringlock scaffolding operators:

1. Safety training. Operators must be trained when performing ringlock scaffolding rental and use. At the same time, special attention must be paid to the assessment and qualifications before they can be employed. At the same time, the operator also needs to study the user manual carefully before proceeding. This is mainly to facilitate the operator to have a better understanding of the machine. Once any problems arise, they can be resolved in time.

2. Take safety measures. Special attention should be paid when ringlock scaffolding is leased and used is to take safety measures for the operators. For example, the operator needs to be equipped with a safety belt independent of the suspension platform, and at the same time, pay attention to wearing a safety helmet.

3. It is important to note that if the operator has vertigo or acrophobia and other diseases, it is not suitable for operation. Because the safety of ringlock scaffolding operators is an important indicator responsible for the safety of scaffolding.


Some accessories of ringlock scaffolding are extremely easy to damage, so it is necessary to have certain experienced professionals to carry out the construction, so as to avoid the loss of accessories and ensure the safety of the operation. Although the ringlock scaffolding has a galvanized layer on the surface, which increases the anti-corrosion ability, it is still necessary to be waterproof and moisture-proof during storage to prevent zinc corrosion.


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