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Building Company Image Through Stage Truss

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The need for stage trusses With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for entertainment and cultural life and the development of various business promotion methods, business and performance activities are becoming more and more frequent, and truss applications are becoming more and more extensive. Building a stage truss with a unique safety design can not only provide a platform for various performances or commodity displays, but also add a lot to the event with exquisite design. It can be seen that the construction of the stage truss is not just to build a table, but to be combined with the design of the event itself, taking into account many factors.

Four tips for stage truss construction

1. Due to the development of modern acoustic and electrical equipment, sound and light can create a good on-site effect, and can be changed according to the effect requirements of the scene. Therefore, the stage construction must pay attention to the use of acoustic and electrical equipment.

2. The stage truss construction should also consider the location of the stage to facilitate the gathering and evacuation of participants. Because a large number of ringlock system scaffolding supplier participants are required in many business activities, the stage construction itself must take into aluminum mobile ringlock scaffolding account the traffic problems of the participants. Only fast CE certified aluminum ringlock scaffolding and convenient transportation can attract as many audiences as possible for the exhibition activities, so as to achieve the stage construction itself. desired effect.

3. The first point to be considered in the construction of the stage truss is to consider the location of the stage. For many publicity activities, the stage construction is not just a ringlock system scaffolding supplier platform, but a aluminum mobile ringlock scaffolding stage to attract the public's attention and maximize the publicity effect. For such activities, the stage should be set up in the local prosperous area as much as possible. , or well-known places.

4. Equipment issues that need to be considered in the construction of stage trusses. Only perfect equipment can make the stage come alive and play the role of the stage as a propaganda platform more effectively. In this regard, the effects of lighting and sound are very important. It can be seen from the above that considering the various problems that may be involved in the construction of the stage truss and the stage being put into use, it can not only give full play to the advantages of the stage, add highlights to the event, impressive, achieve the best publicity effect, but also make possible The occurrence of other circumstances is minimized to ensure the complete success of the event.

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Improve the quality of stage trusses

There are many kinds of performances, and it is necessary to build a stage. At this time, the stage truss has become an essential aspect. The role it plays is ringlock system scaffolding supplier relatively large, and it must be guaranteed to be stable aluminum mobile ringlock scaffolding and to ensure good safety performance. The quality of the stage truss is particularly important. Choosing good quality CE certified aluminum ringlock scaffolding products can avoid the occurrence of danger and ensure the safety of more people.

So what should be done to improve the quality of the stage truss?

I learned from the quality inspection department that the trusses usually used for stage frame construction are made of aluminum alloys, but the hardness of some aluminum alloys is not enough; another is that some welding joints are not welded firmly. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the quality of the truss.

First of all, a good truss should not only have a good material, but also a good design. Material is the top priority of truss. If there is no good material, what can we use to support ringlock system scaffolding supplier the whole stage? The design should not only be novel, but more importantly, reliable. Because this can be related to human life; therefore, the raw material must use aluminum alloy that meets the standards, and the content and composition ratio of various metals must meet the CE certified aluminum ringlock scaffolding specifications, so as to ensure the hardness and stability of the aluminum alloy truss.

Secondly, with an excellent truss, it is a technical requirement. When welding, not only should the welding be fine and the welder should be disciplined, but also the size should be accurate. Only in this way will there be no rough welding, uneven shape, and different sizes of solder joints. , there will be no loose screw holes or the truss and accessories do not match; the welding process should be fine, and there should be no leakage or false welding, otherwise there will be potential safety hazards.

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