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Characteristics and construction of aluminum truss

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Aluminum truss products are widely used in people's lives. The truss products used in each field have similarities and differences. When selecting the necessary truss products, people will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the product performance to ensure that the purchased product is sufficient to meet the demand. Aluminum truss has the characteristics of light material, high strength, and no rust. This product adopts assembly and telescopic design schemes, and the assembly speed is fast. The height of aluminum truss can be adjusted freely within the range, and the application range is very wide.


Truss is a tool often used in outdoor performance sports. It can be widely used in various occasions, such as various sports venues, shopping centers and exhibition halls. It can be said that as long as there is performance, there must be truss products. Most of the trusses used on lightweight shelves are aluminum truss, which are relatively stable in quality and can hang lights. In a popular setting, trusses are square or circular tube trusses with galvanized iron. However, not all trusses are the same. There are optional square tube trusses and circular tube trusses. And the needs of each sport are different, and the choice of advertising equipment is also different. For example, when choosing aluminum truss, pay attention to its stability and whether it can be stable, which is particularly important for long-term outdoor sports.

 Bolt Square Truss

Features of aluminum truss:

1. Aluminum truss is a flexible and fast installation platform. It is easy to disassemble and assemble, light in weight, easy to store, more durable and more affordable.

2. Aluminum truss uses high-grade sandwich panels, which have the advantages of high strength, compression resistance, non-slip, waterproof, and sun protection.

3. Aluminum truss uses 18mm thick sandwich panel. It has excellent anti-slip performance: the surface layer is arranged by a certain amount of colloidal particles to achieve anti-slip in rainy days.

4. Aluminum truss is safe and stable, solemn and elegant, and can resist various harsh environments.

5. Aluminum truss is suitable for all kinds of fashion shows, celebrations, product launches, studios and all kinds of dance arts. It is currently the most popular stage building product.


During the use of aluminum truss, do not wipe the dirt and rainwater on the surface with a rag. The surface of aluminum truss is generally galvanized, and the wiping cloth will lose the gloss of the metal surface. If you need to wipe the surface, please choose a soft cloth to reduce scratches on the aluminum truss. After aluminum truss is used for a period of time, or due to clean surface or adhesion of foreign matter, rust spots will occur. At this time, it should be noted that after rust removal, wax or anti-rust paint should be sprayed for curing. In addition, some small parts such as pins and rivets should be checked regularly to prevent rust.


Construction process of aluminum truss:

An example of making a 12*6*6m light-weight frame. The materials needed are: 12 3m aluminum truss, 8 2m aluminum truss, and 8 1m aluminum truss. There are 8 diagonal braces, 4 iron seats, 4 opposite ends, 4 square sleeves, 4 cross arms, 4 booms, 4 winches, and 4 screws. Reverse end of aluminum truss: 1 meter truss, loose-leaf connection in the middle, and the upper part can be rotated 180 degrees along the connecting axis.


1. Connect the two ends of the beam with two square sleeves on both sides. At this time, the beam components are assembled on the ground;

2. Put the column truss flat and connect it, then screw one end to the other end, and screw the cross arm to the other end. At the same time, connect the hoist to the cross arm. The function of the hoist is to lift the beam truss below;

3. Connect the wrench (composed of spring, screw, head, nut and wrench).


Excellent stability is the prerequisite for users to choose aluminum truss products. Undoubtedly, trusses made of aluminum alloy have excellent stability and are one of the mainstream products in the market now, and they are also one of the main directions of truss manufacturers.


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