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Christmas, Shizhan spend the winter with you

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  Santa Claus is a descendant of the god Odin. It is also said that Santa Claus came from Saint Nicholas, so Santa Claus is also called St. Nicholas. It is said that he was originally the bishop of Mella, Asia Minor. His name was Saint Nicholas. He was revered as a saint after death. He was an old man with a white beard wearing a red robe and a red hat.

  Every Christmas, he drives from the north in a sleigh pulled by deer, enters each house through the chimney, and hangs Christmas gifts in socks on the children's bedside or in front of the stove. Therefore, when Westerners celebrate Christmas, parents put Christmas gifts for their children in socks and hang them on the children’s bedside on Christmas Eve. The next day, the first thing the children do after waking up is to look for gifts from Santa Claus on the bedside.

Christmas day

  It is said that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and was born of the Virgin Mary. God even sent the messenger Gabriel to tell Joseph in a dream that instead of wanting Mary because she was unmarried and pregnant, he wanted to marry her and named the child "Jesus", which meant that he would save the people from their sins. Rescued.

  When Mary was about to give birth, the Roman government issued an order that all people in Bethlehem must declare their household registration. Joseph and Mary had to obey. When they arrived in Bethlehem, the sky was faint, and the two of them could not find a hotel to sleep in. There was only one stable for temporary accommodation. At this moment, Jesus was about to be born.


  So Mary only gave birth to Jesus in the manger. In order to commemorate the birth of Jesus, later generations set December 25th as Christmas and celebrate the Mass every year to commemorate the birth of Jesus.

  On Christmas Eve, let us silently wait for the arrival of Santa Claus. Of course, you have a need for a stage truss system solution. Remember to contact us and wish again a Merry Christmas!

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