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Clamp production process

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The connection point of the truss stage-clamps, clamps are indispensable small parts in the installation of truss. Although it is only a small one, it is really impossible to complete the truss stage construction without it. The production method of the clamp includes the production method of the hot pressing process of the cover plate and the middle part.

1. Production method of cover plate

After the steel plate is formed into a blank by a punching machine, the blank is heated, and the shape of the cover plate is punched out by the punching machine. After the workpiece cools, the punching punching machine punches out the bolt hole, and then the workpiece is placed on the pout machine. A bulge is formed on each of the two outer sides and then formed.

2. Production method in the middle

After the steel plate passes through the blank of the punching machine, the elongated holes are punched out at the position of the longitudinal installation bolts of the crosshairs, the workpiece is heated, and the shape of the middle part is stamped out according to the mold. After cooling, the workpiece is placed on the inclined table, and Fine blanking, forming.

3. Production method of hot stamping

The advantage is that the production method of the clamp is a hot stamping process, which increases the toughness of the clamp and is not easy to deform. After the hot stamping of the clamp, the arc of the R arc is increased to increase the area of the bayonet connection surface, thereby Increase the contact area, increase friction, and make building clamps safer and more reliable.

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