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Common specifications of folding stage truss

Date: 19.05.2020 Viewed: times
What type of stage products does the folding stage belong to? As a Truss Stage Supplier, the SHIZHAN Group can only give a simple answer to these questions: Folding stage is an active stage product that supports rapid construction and disassembly.

The folding stage can be a quick-set stage, a simple stage, an indoor stage, an outdoor stage, or a fixed stage. The specifications of the folding stage can be 1.22 * 1.22, and other specifications can also be customized.

folding stage

Folding truss size

As a practical stage product, in the eyes of advertisers, efficiency is the fundamental factor, and it is wise to choose a folding stage. In the eyes of stage manufacturers, stage specifications are the most important factor, which stage specifications are sold well, why they are sold well, whether they can fit as many scenes as possible, whether they are most frequently bought by customers, and whether it is necessary to develop other stage specifications . In the eyes of onlookers who did not touch the stage, "This program is beautiful", the program ended as scheduled, who cares about that stage.

Combining the three viewpoints, it is not difficult to find the folding stage. It is a fast-fitting stage. Due to its characteristics, it is often used indoors. The folding stage is sold to support production on demand, and the stage specifications can be customized according to needs.SHIZHAN Group not only provides folding trusses for sale, but also provides customization for the folding stage requirements put forward by customers.

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