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Comparison of aluminum scaffolding and steel scaffolding advantages

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Traditional steel scaffolding has gradually replaced the previous bamboo scaffolding or wooden scaffolding. It has been developed in China for fifty to sixty years. However, due to many defects in the material and design of the steel scaffolding, safety accidents occur frequently. Due to the importance of safety, some countries in the world have gradually used aluminum scaffolding to replace traditional steel pipe scaffolding.


The difference between aluminum scaffolding and steel pipe scaffolding:

1. Product technology:

(1) Product structure design

There are big problems in the structure design of traditional door scaffolding. For example, the connection between the shelf and the shelf uses movable bolts, the shelf uses cross brace, and the door type is open inside, which all lead to poor stability of the door scaffolding. For aluminum scaffolding, the connection of the shelf is through connection, and the through connection is firmly welded to the shelf. It uses four sides and triangles to fix the entire structure, which makes the shelf very strong and safe.

(2) Product materials

Aluminum scaffolding is made of high-strength special aviation aluminum profiles. This aluminum profile is usually used as a material for aircraft manufacturing in the aviation industry. It is characterized by high strength, sufficient hardness, large bearing capacity and light material. Steel pipe scaffolding is made of steel pipe, which is heavy, easy to rust, and has a short lifespan. Comparing the two material scaffolds of the same specification, the weight of aluminum scaffolding is only 75% of the weight of steel scaffolding. The breaking pull-off force of aluminum scaffolding joints can reach 4100-4400Kg, which is far greater than the allowable pull-off force of 2100Kg.

(3) Installation speed

It takes three days to build a scaffold of the same area, and it takes only half a day to complete using aluminum scaffolding. Each component and fastener of the steel pipe scaffold is scattered. The horizontal and vertical rods are connected by universal buckles, cross buckles, and flat buckles. This connection needs to be installed one by one with screws on a wrench. Aluminum scaffolding is made into a piece-by-piece frame, which is installed like stacked wood, layer by layer. Aluminum scaffolding's diagonal rod connection uses a quick mounting head, which can be installed and removed by hand without any tools. The speed and convenience of installation are the biggest obvious contrast between the two scaffolds.

(4) Service life

The material of steel scaffolding is made of iron, and the construction is generally carried out outdoors. Sun and rain cannot be avoided, and the rust of the characteristic scaffolding is inevitable. The life cycle of rusty scaffolding is very short. If the steel pipe scaffolding in the form of lease is rusted and cannot meet the requirements for use, it will cause safety hazards. The aluminum scaffolding material is aluminum alloy, the material will not change in the sun and rain, and the performance of the product will not change. As long as aluminum scaffolding is not damaged or deformed, it can be used all the time, so it has a long service life. At present, many construction or property companies have used aluminum scaffolding for more than 20 years, and the products are still intact.

 aluminum scaffolding

2. Safety performance

The safety performance of Aluminum scaffolding and steel pipe scaffolding only needs to be reflected in the following aspects:

(1) The safety of connecting parts;

Aluminum scaffolding uses straight-through and three-way connections, and the quick mounting head uses a fully enclosed design that will not break. The connecting components are manufactured by deep processing of extruded aluminum profiles. Compared with die-casting heads, aluminum scaffolding will not break or crack, and bear greater force.

(2) The safety performance of the product's standard implementation;

Aluminum scaffolding implements HD1004, the highest safety standard in Europe. This standard is designated by the European Union and implemented in most countries in the European Union. This standard is a standard obtained by a university laboratory after a long-term test. At present, only steel scaffolding has a national standard for scaffolding in China, and aluminum scaffolding has not yet specified relevant standards.

(3) Build and use the safety performance of the disassembly process;


3. Cost of use

(1) Aluminum scaffolding has different requirements for raw materials and production processes, and its manufacturing cost is much higher than that of steel pipe scaffolding, which is about 7-8 times the cost of steel pipe scaffolding. Due to the high cost and the lack of awareness of safe construction by most construction units, aluminum scaffolding has not been popularized in construction. However, in Hong Kong, Macau, and European and American countries, the use of aluminum scaffolding for construction has become very popular. The selling price of steel pipe scaffolding is about 4000 yuan per ton, calculated by weight. Aluminum scaffolding calculates the price based on the finished parts manufactured, and the sales price is about 7-8 times that of the steel scaffolding.

(2) There is no need for professional construction scaffolding workers to build aluminum scaffolding, and ordinary workers can install it. The construction of steel pipe scaffolding requires a shelf work permit, and only those who have received professional training can install it. From the comparison of installation time, to build scaffolding of the same area, aluminum scaffolding only needs one-sixth of the time to build steel scaffolding.

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