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Construction method and precautions of aluminium stage truss

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Aluminium stage truss is a combination of column, telescopic tube, adjustable base and aluminum alloy stage board. The columns and brackets of each stage and the adjacent stage are shared, so the whole is very strong after being connected. Thealuminium stage truss is easy to disassemble and install. Its aluminum alloy stage surface is composed of film or tempered glass, multilayer plywood and aluminum frame. Aluminium stage truss has the characteristics of good fire-retardant, abrasion resistance, no damage, and strong decoration. The aluminum alloy stage frame is made of high-hardness aluminum alloy material, which has a firm structure and beautiful appearance.


The height of the aluminium stage truss can be adjusted, and the adjusting screw is a 38mm solid section steel. Aluminium stage truss can adjust the height evenly and arbitrarily, which solves the problem of ground inequality to a large extent, and is very suitable for large-area outdoor construction. The stage board adopts 18mm thick construction plywood and tempered glass board. Aluminium stage truss's stage brackets and columns are made of national standard aluminum alloy 6061-T6. Aluminum stage truss is flexible to build and easy to carry, which provides us with practical convenience.


There are many types of aluminium stage truss products, and people can buy them according to actual requirements. Choose different models and types according to different outing stages, including folding and fixed ones. Aluminium stage truss can be used well whether indoor or outdoor. It has a leapfrog construction method that will not cause any obstruction to some small objects at the bottom. Especially during transportation, due to its light texture and easy handling,aluminium stage truss is the first choice for outdoor activities.

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Practical method to buildaluminium stage truss:

1. First pull thealuminium stage truss apart, and place each of the pull-net stage modules on each other;  

2. Lay a square tube on thealuminium stage truss; 

3. Lay wooden countertops on thealuminium stage truss, align between the wooden boards, and spread patterns or decorations on the top. Stages like this are more suitable for medium and large-scale performances. They are easy to set up, simple and time-saving. The cost of buildingaluminium stage truss is not very high, and it is also relatively strong, so it is recommended that such stage construction can be used for corporate publicity or school celebrations. After the basic framework is completed, it is the stage design.

4. Aluminium stage truss lighting design and background design: If it is indoor, you should choose a brighter color in the lighting, so that the overall look, the whole venue will be more spacious and bright. Of course, this is not absolute, it still needs to be based on the theme of the stage truss design. Around the theme of the design, all lighting, sound, background, etc. must conform to the message that the theme wants to convey.


Stages with different themes need flexiblealuminium stage truss for various constructions, so there are many points to pay attention to when using trusses to build. When building the stage truss, the equipment and parts required for the installation process are prepared in advance, and the stage effect is planned according to the theme of the show. The role ofaluminium stage truss is indispensable. The support and firmness of the stage need to be constructed with trusses to ensure the overall stability of the stage.


Precautions foraluminium stage truss construction:

1. When building, the first thing to do is to choose the geographical location, which has an important relationship with the size of the passenger flow during use.

2. The construction plan should conform to the publicity and scene of the theme at the time, so that the idea of the theme can be understood through the stage after the construction.

3. When setting up, leave enough evacuation and gathering roads to avoid potential hazards.

4. When building, make strict inspections on some solid points to ensure the later use of the stage. Professionals must be present during processing and construction to avoid unexpected damage.

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