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Correct steps for removing scaffolding

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Before scaffolding is dismantled, a detailed dismantling construction plan and safety technical measures should be drawn up, and the dismantling shall be carried out uniformly after technical exchanges. So what are the correct steps to remove the scaffolding? Shizhan Group provides you with the most convenient scaffolding system removal solution.
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When scaffolding is dismantled, work areas should be divided, surrounded by enclosures or warning signs, and special personnel should be placed on the ground to direct them. Non-operating personnel are prohibited from being inside. Be sure to follow the order of up and down, outside and inside, frame material first, frame material, paving parts first, structural parts first, and structural parts first, then attaching wall parts. Loosen the connection one by one, take it out, and then immediately Hang down (or concentrate on the adjacent undismantled shelf and tie it down).

When disassembling scaffolding boards, rods, masts and other long, heavier parts with two ends connected, two or more people must do it in a group. It is forbidden to dismantle by one person to prevent unstable and unbalanced holding rods. And an accident occurred. When removing the horizontal rod, after loosening the connection, remove the horizontal support; when removing the vertical rod, stabilize the upper end and then loosen the lower end to remove it.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that when multiple people or groups are carrying out disassembly operations, they should strengthen their command, and interrogate and coordinate the operation steps. Arbitrary disassembly that does not follow the procedure is strictly prohibited. Shizhan Group is committed to stage truss system for sale, launching different truss stage aluminum, welcome to buy.

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