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Crowd control barrier PK

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Go out every day, wow, so many people. Where there are many people, we must pay attention to a problem, the problem of restricting the flow of people. Faced with large traffic crowds and vehicles, do you choose to use plastic water horses, iron horses or crowd control barricade?

Most plastic water horses are used in traffic safety, they have more cushioning elasticity after water injection, and have good crash resistance. However, the disadvantage is that it requires a lot of space to be placed in idle time, and can be used after being filled with water, and can only be moved after being drained, which greatly limits the use place.

For the iron horse, the iron horse is welded by stainless steel. It is lighter and can be moved at any time. It is often used in sudden occasions such as construction sites, power maintenance, and subway control of pedestrian flow. However, the connection between iron horses is relatively simple, easily pushed away by violence, and there are hidden safety risks.

If it is in concerts, meetings and other activities, iron horses and water horses have greater safety hazards, but crowd control barricade is a product that can control the event crowd best, and can often appear at various large-scale event sites. At the same time, crowd control barricade can be folded for easy use and storage; the connection between each crowd control barricade is firm, forming a wall that blocks the crowd. Pedal, can facilitate personnel handling.

aluminium crowd control barrier

After this comparison, the large-scale concert venues and subway stations in need are not yet ready to start crowd control barrier. At the same time, SHIZHAN Group also specializes in customized stage barrier, event barrier, etc. Remember to contact us as soon as possible.

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