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Crowd control barrier application

Date: 28.04.2020 Viewed: times

Large-scale concert events give people visual shock and auditory enjoyment. How can tens of thousands of people's concerts ensure the safety of celebrities and fans? Fans may be crowded up. At this time, a space boundary is needed, and the Explosion-proof fence can form a strong backing.

Black Barrier

Black Barrier

In large-scale performances with a large flow of people, how can we be organized in order to ensure the safety of the masses? During the performance of the event, the isolation setting must not be ignored, which often has certain security risks.

Riot bars are also called crowd control obstacles. They are mainly used to isolate crowds, keep onlookers away from dangerous areas, maintain order and safety at the scene, and deal with mass incidents. A new type of riot fences specially designed to deal with large-scale mass incidents, It can effectively block traffic and intercept the offending group, and isolate the protected persons and buildings.

Now that the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic is serious, explosion-proof fences come in handy at this time. In subway stations, railway stations and other places with high passenger flow, riot prevention fences can also be used to isolate crowds, disperse traffic, and reduce crowd gathering.

The anti-riot bars of the Shizhan Group are made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials, with superb technology and automated welding equipment, to ensure the quality of the products. The loading and unloading is simple and quick, and it can be folded for easy transportation and storage. If you are interested, please come to us.

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