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Crowd control barriers are an important tool for traffic safety

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  The crowd control barrier is a light crowd control system made of aluminum. The weight of the aluminum obstacle is only 35 kg per 1 meter. The smooth round top and bottom rods contain a 15mm stainless steel slotted pin to provide a convenient connection point for crowds or stage obstacles. It can fix the bottom with hexagon socket bolts (M 12 × 150 mm). All profiles have soft rounded edges to provide maximum comfort. After not in use, the obstacle will be folded into a flat state and can be stacked in a cart for easy transportation and storage. In addition to the standard 1 m section, a variety of corner types are also available.

  Crowd control barriers have been developed as a safety device that can be used to control various types of people from popular concerts to outdoor events. Crowd barriers provide spectators with the best safety and comfort, and provide rescue workers with a safe working area. The crowd barrier is designed as a detachable structure; installation and assembly are quick and easy, requiring only minimal tools.

  Steel crowd control barriers provide a cost-effective way to control large numbers of pedestrians and spectators. The standard provides three colors, namely pure zinc, red and white, we can also choose to spray the isolation layer powder into a custom color. Our barriers are made of a one-piece outer tube. Compared to most barriers, it has fewer welds and thicker gauge steel. The combination of these two factors makes the aluminum barriers, steel barriers, and crowd control barriers introduced by Shizhan Group stronger than most of our competitors ’barriers.

Aluminum Barrier

  Crowd control barrier application

  • Activity-Use the obstacle to ensure that people do not enter the restricted area by mistake.

  • Presentation-to ensure that the movement of people continues in a determined direction in a controlled manner.

  • Festivals-Create channels and checkpoints to check tickets and contraband.

  • Marathon-Make sure that the runners and participants are kept on the unobstructed route.

  • Construction-Establish a safe area around vehicle operation or open pit excavation.

  Shizhan Group has rich manufacturing experience in the production of stage trusses, scaffolding and aluminum barriers. It provides different types of crowd control barriers, as well as barrier customization. The products can only be sold after rigorous testing. the rules. Customer satisfaction is a goal we take very seriously. In addition to fast shipment and delivery time, we also provide a low price matching guarantee. If you find the same model and color / material combination at a lower price, we will match your price and win your business.

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