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Detailed introduction about aluminum stage truss

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Aluminum stage truss are generally used in stage construction and erection. For a stage, there is no truss, as if there is no soul. The selection of the truss is also very important. The commonly used aluminum alloys and steels have high strength and corrosion resistance, and can play a good role in the staged construction process. For safety reasons, the quality and equipment of aluminum stage truss often play an important role. High-quality products can ensure the stability of the entire structure, which is a solid foundation. Therefore, in construction, special attention should be paid to the anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion problems of trusses.


The difference between aluminum stage truss and ordinary stage truss:

1. Aluminum stage truss has multiple splicing methods, such as aluminum alloy assembled stage, aluminum alloy Rhea stage, aluminum alloy insert stage, etc. Aluminum stage truss is composed of aluminum stage truss column, aluminum stage truss frame and stage board. The main stage frame of the aluminum alloy Rhea stage is an aluminum alloy Rhea rack. A variety of splicing methods are available, which are more selective than ordinary stage trusses.

2. Aluminum stage truss can be divided into fixed aluminum stage truss and aluminum alloy folding stage according to whether it is folded or not. The appearance of the folding stage makes the stage construction more convenient, and the storage and transportation of the stage is more convenient. This is also an advantage over ordinary stage trusses.

3. Aluminum stage truss is light, easy to build, and not easy to rust. Aluminum stage truss has a high repetitive rate, and its service life is several times longer than that of ordinary stage trusses. Aluminum stage truss is beautiful in appearance, simple in daily maintenance, and good in economic efficiency.

In summary, it can be seen that aluminum stage truss is much better than ordinary stage trusses. If you want a high-end stage with better cost performance, you can choose aluminum stage truss to build and use.

 Aluminum Spigot Truss

Installation matters of aluminum stage truss:

(1) Selection of aluminum stage truss materials

There are mainly two types of stage truss materials: steel trusses and aluminum trusses. The steel truss material adopts the national standard Q235, and the aluminum alloy truss material adopts 6061-T6 aviation aluminum.

(2) Aluminum stage truss specification

Before construction, the scale of the event and the expected number of participants should be considered, and the specifications of the stage truss should be selected according to the impact of the event and the site. First, choose the truss by choosing the stage area, the required span and load-bearing capacity, how many lights, audio and other equipment need to be installed, and where to install it. This is the site area.

(3) Aluminum stage truss construction site and weather factors

The venue factor determines the scale of the event. After selecting the stage and the truss according to the site factors, the weather factors must also be considered. Do you need to add shadows or blocks, and if you need to, you must build an artificial ceiling.

(4) Assembly and installation method of aluminum stage truss

The stage production staff have their own working methods, their basic knowledge and the work at heights need to be explained here. In order to ensure site safety, the stage frame must be fixed during construction and the area must be protected to prevent others from entering. To set up a high-altitude framework, use scaffolding as much as possible.

(5) Load-bearing structure of aluminum stage truss installation space

The stage truss has a strong bearing capacity. Generally, a 22 mm truss with a diameter of 1.2 mm and a thickness of 6 mm can bear 200 kg. Different sizes of trusses have different bearing capacities. Lighting and sound are not a problem, but they need to be fixed.


I don’t know when the aluminum stage truss has slowly entered the life of the public, and perhaps everyone hasn’t noticed it. The light of aluminum stage truss is the soul of the stage. The "musicality" of lighting and the "rhythm" of lighting have attracted widespread attention from many colleagues in recent years. The feeling that aluminum stage truss brings to people is very intuitive and strong. I hope that more people can use this stage.

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