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General Situation and Prospects of Development of Chinese Ringlock scaffolding Industry

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Development Background of ringlock scaffolding

The ringlock scaffolding originated in Europe and is one of the most popular scaffolding in the world today. As early as the 1990s, the Chinese Formwork Scaffolding Association organized a group to investigate in Germany, Finland and other countries, and for the first time visited the factory producing ringlock scaffolding at HÜNNEBECK Formwork Company in Germany. Four years later, in 1995, the German HÜNNEBECK company planned to establish a joint-venture formwork branch in Jiangsu, China, and the Formwork Association took the lead and assisted in signing domestic and foreign cooperation agreements.

In the following years, domestic companies in Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, etc., based on the introduction of foreign technology, fully borrowed the advantages of scaffolding from Europe, the Americas, Canada, Aluma, and Aluma. After introduction, innovation, integration and absorption, they developed Various types of ringlock scaffolding adapted to the domestic construction engineering practice system.

The representative companies of early ringlock scaffolding include Taiwan Shigu, China Construction Huawei, Shougu Formwork, etc. Due to various reasons, many early intervention companies withdrew from the industry, but these companies have served as pioneers in the ringlock scaffolding business. Indispensable, worthy of respect. ringlock scaffolding has many advantages such as large bearing capacity, high safety, good stability, fast assembly and disassembly, open working space, clean and beautiful, and labor cost saving. It has been successively applied to housing construction projects, other important construction projects, Road and bridge engineering, municipal engineering, stage construction, large-scale cultural and sports facilities and other fields. In the past ten years, the standard system of ringlock scaffolding has been continuously improved, the load-bearing test system has been continuously verified, engineering projects have been fully implemented, and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the policies of various provinces and cities have been continuously promoted. , Emerging stockholder companies have sprung up after the rain. As of the end of January 2021, China’s ring-fastening scaffolding market stock is about 18 million tons. Upstream and downstream of the buckle industry, professional equipment, buckle processing and manufacturing, galvanizing, leasing services, logistics services, professional construction and other related companies There are more than 1,700.


The rapid growth trend of ringlock scaffolding

China's ringlock scaffolding has experienced several periods of rapid growth.

The first development stage: Before 2015 (stable development period), although the performance advantages have been fully affirmed by the industry, the market recognition of ringlock scaffolding has gone through a long process. In the early stage, the unit price of the discount price was relatively high, which was only applied to some key projects, and the promotion speed in the country was relatively slow. During the ten years from 2005 to 2015, the raw materials and accessories of ringlock scaffolding products have been continuously improved in the research and development, and the products have been widely used in many key projects such as the Great Hall of the People and the renovation of Tiananmen Gate. In 2008, the industry standard JGJ231 "Safety Technical Regulations for Socket Type Steel Pipe Supports in Construction" was established. The standard was promulgated and implemented in 2010, effectively standardizing, standardizing, and institutionalizing the engineering application of ringlock scaffolding.

The second stage of development: 2015-2018 (the first growth period), after the previous accumulation, the economy and safety of ringlock scaffolding have gradually been demonstrated, and market awareness and acceptance have been steadily improved. Beginning in 2015, companies with sensitive sense of smell followed up quickly, and the number of companies engaged in ringlock scaffolding increased rapidly. In 2018, the entire industry chain increased to about 600. Faced with the rapid expansion of products, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development timely formulated the industry product standard JG/T503 "Socket Type Disc Buckle Steel Pipe Support Components", which played an important role in the standardized manufacturing of disc fastener market products. During this period, the standard system of ringlock scaffolding was further completed. The technical details of the buckle were innovated, tested and verified, the manufacturing process, and the declaration of intellectual property rights were continuously improved. In particular, the sales and rental prices continued to decrease, and the ringlock scaffolding ushered gradually Market release.

The third stage of development: 2019-now (the second high-speed growth period) Since 2019, as the boom index of the housing construction market cycle has risen, the scaffolding market has ushered in a significant increase in rents. At the same time, due to the promotion of the policy of promoting ringlock scaffolding throughout the country, during this period, the Ministry of Communications, Hubei Province, Jiangsu Province, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Suzhou and other places all issued policies to promote ringlock scaffolding. With the support of policies, the release of demand, and the high recognition of the market, the ringlock scaffolding has ushered in rapid development. There has been a significant increase in the number of parts and accessories enterprises supporting ringlock scaffolding, and wholesale and retail enterprises and engineering contracting companies have grown in size; at the same time, the production capacity of the original coiling companies has continued to expand, and the industry has ushered in a new era of blowout period, and opportunities and risks have become more intense.


Distribution of Enterprise Types in the Chain Scaffolding Industry Chain

According to the survey and statistics of China Formwork Scaffolding Association, there are 1,700 active enterprises in the whole industry chain of ringlock scaffolding in China, of which 315 are buckling and parts manufacturing enterprises, accounting for 19% of the total industry chain; 176 engineering contractors, accounting for 10%; There are 796 leasing companies, accounting for about 47%; 374 wholesale and retail companies, accounting for about 22%; and professional technical service companies accounting for about 2%.


Regional distribution of ringlock scaffolding across the country

The distribution of ringlock scaffolding throughout the country can be described as "centrally clustered and blooming in many places". The chain scaffolding industry chain broke the traditional scaffolding decentralized procurement and manufacturing model, and began to re-layout and shift the industrial center of gravity. Compared with traditional scaffolding, the price of ringlock scaffolding is higher, and processes such as precision manufacturing and galvanizing have been added. Under the new domestic environmental protection policy, there are higher requirements for price and regional attributes. On the whole, the industrial chain is clustered towards regions with appropriate environmental protection policies and more cost and efficiency advantages.


1. The ranking of the number of companies engaged in stockholding in various provinces across the country

Hebei is the core area of traditional scaffolding manufacturing, with obvious advantages in steel prices, moderate environmental protection policies, low labor costs, and a solid manufacturing base. Due to local conditions and gradual progress, it provides abundant soil for the development of ringlock scaffolding. According to statistics, the number of scaffolding industry chain enterprises in Hebei Province as a whole, spare parts production, wholesale and retail, and project contracting accounted for 41% of the country's total, and the production output of whole racks and spare parts was close to 40%. Secondly, the largest number is 21% in Jiangsu Province and 8% in Anhui Province.


2. The number of cities in all provinces in the country that are engaged in stockholding related industries

The cities engaged in ringlock scaffolding in various provinces are also uneven. The number one Jiangsu province is Changzhou, Huai'an, Nanjing, Nantong, Suzhou, Taizhou, Wuxi, Suqian, Xuzhou, and Yancheng, Yangzhou City, Zhenjiang City, 12 cities to carry out stocking business, followed by 10 cities in Anhui Province, 10 cities in Shandong Province, 9 cities in Hebei Province, 9 cities in Henan Province, 8 cities in Hubei Province and Zhejiang Province, The rest are in 6 cities and below.


3. Ranking of cities in the country with the largest number of discount companies

As far as the scale of the concentration of the buckle industry chain is concerned, Cangzhou is undoubtedly the largest industrial base with a complete supply chain system. There are about 600 buckle manufacturing, upstream and downstream parts, wholesale and retail, and engineering contracting companies. Subdivided further down, Renqiu City and Xian County are currently the most active and densest industry distribution centers for small and medium-sized ringlock scaffolding enterprises in China, gathering nearly one-third of the ringlock scaffolding enterprises in the country.


4. Transformation of ringlock scaffolding companies. ringlock scaffolding is a high-quality new product that has triggered a new industry. According to statistics, 475 disc buckle companies have been or are engaged in the production, sales and leasing of wheel buckles. And contracting business, there are 295 disc fastener companies that have been or are engaged in the production, sales, leasing and contracting of bowl fasteners. There are more than 763 fastener-type scaffolding companies, and fewer companies are engaged in portal scaffolding and other types of scaffolding.


5. Types of ringlock scaffolding products. The size of buckle companies varies across the country. There are many types of buckle scaffolds. Because the buckle itself has a high design safety factor, most of the buckle products have the same design value. Able to meet safety requirements. The more representative products are: disc sockets, polygon sockets, lace sockets, octagonal sockets and other forms.


6. The scientific research progress of ringlock scaffolding Along with the ringlock scaffolding has been more and more widely used, the scientific research on the buckle topic is becoming more and more systematic and in-depth, and the number of related research documents is also increasing rapidly. Currently, the total number of scientific research documents is 318, and the trend of the number of research articles is as follows. By 2020, there will be about 80 articles related to the research topic of Pankou.

Many well-known universities and scientific research institutions have published more than ten high-quality dissertations, on the joint test, rotation stiffness, joint shear resistance, single-pole load-bearing, overall displacement monitoring, wall thickness influence, diameter influence, step The influence of distance, the influence of slash, the influence of sweeping pole, etc., has carried out multiple sets of systematic research. The finite element analysis model is calculated for various working conditions.

These high-quality research conclusions once again forcefully prove that the ringlock scaffolding is a kind of scaffolding product with advanced design, reasonable structure, strong bearing capacity and high safety.


The development and prospect of ringlock scaffolding

Ringlock scaffolding products are increasingly recognized and favored by the national construction market, and have become a substitute for traditional scaffolding in some key projects, especially in some key projects in countries and regions. Many of them have occupied the mainstream status. However, the strong and rapid growth of the ringlock scaffolding industry has brought unprecedented impact to the existing disk buckle stock market and even the scaffolding market. In particular, the sharp increase in the number and production capacity of companies from 2019 to 2020 has brought severe challenges to the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. The market for buckles in 2021 will be intertwined with risks and opportunities, which is extremely extraordinary.


1. Infrastructure investment has accelerated moderately.

In 2020, the national fixed asset investment will grow by 2.9%, and the current recovery trend will continue in 2021. In October, the International Monetary Fund predicted that China's GDP growth rate in 2021 will be 8.2%. According to the forecasts of many financial institutions, real estate investment will continue to maintain steady growth, and all parties predict that the annual growth rate will be around 7%. The growth rate of infrastructure investment will exceed the level of the previous three years, and the "two new and one heavy" projects will remain the main investment direction. In accordance with the "14th Five-Year Plan" proposal, a number of major projects will be implemented, such as the Sichuan-Tibet Railway and the new western land-sea corridor. The favorable directions for the buckle include: firstly, the construction of transportation network is accelerated, secondly, the construction of water conservancy and ecological environment protection continues to rise, thirdly, the revolution of energy infrastructure is accelerated, and the four cities have great prospects for renewal.


2. The market share of disk buckle will further increase.

The policy support of various provinces and municipalities across the country will be further released, helping to further increase the market share of buckle. On the one hand, for the construction general contractor and other party A, the market awareness of ringlock scaffolding has gradually increased, and customers are becoming more familiar with the performance and advantages of ringlock scaffolding products; on the other hand, the production, sales and Leasing companies have initially completed rounds of management, quality and service upgrades. Coupled with the continuous drop in prices, the competitiveness is increasing day by day.


3. The oversight of the buckle market has been further strictly regulated.

The quality supervision departments in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places used highly rigorous and responsible supervision measures to promptly discover and correct the entry of shoddy and low-performance materials in the market. The product Q235 provided by individual small leasing companies replaces Q355 steel, causing great safety hazards. In February 2021, the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the <>, taking the lead in formulating measures for entry inspection, mid-term random testing, and full-process monitoring to further improve quality Of the stockholder companies provide a fair market environment. It is believed that local governments will follow up one after another, and high-quality discounts will usher in a better market space.


4. The overall profit is meager, and the profit in the manufacturing and leasing market has reached a low point.

The domestic construction market is indeed huge, but the increase is limited after all. The current ultra-high-speed growth in the supply of disc button manufacturing has already faced the risk of exceeding the effective demand of the market, and has come to the node of oversupply. The sales and leasing market reflected in the supply chain is an increasingly competitive price war. At the same time, affected by the rise in international commodity prices and the sharp rise in iron ore prices, steel prices have reached historical highs in a few years. Fell. On the one hand, the cost has risen sharply, and the pressure on manufacturing, labor, finance, capital, and environmental protection has become heavier; on the other hand, the rental and sale prices have dropped significantly. The series rental price can reach 11-12 yuan/ton/day; in the fourth quarter of 2020, some areas will be around 7-8 yuan/ton/day; in the first quarter of 2021, the price will continue to be low, and the upstream and downstream of the buckle are on the verge of survival, which is extremely difficult . The material management of stocking is also very complicated, and there are many hidden risk points that are not easy to observe. As the average profit declines, the requirements for refined management are getting higher and higher.


5. With the uneven development of stocks, the risk of individual small enterprises being eliminated has increased.

The curtain of China's stockholding market entering the fierce market competition is slowly being opened, and the stock saturation period is about to come. The next step for improvement is the dominant area of traditional scaffolding, and the growth rate will slow down. Beginning in 2021, in the vast but limited market, the focus of market competition will change from the traditional scaffolding to grabbing the market from the traditional scaffolding, and turning it into competition among the companies. Due to the rising cost of holding stock, the reduction of profit margins, and the serious homogeneity, the low price war is inevitable. At the same time, very few companies purchase low-quality and low-priced products, disrupting the market price system, and creating an environment where bad money drives out good money in a small area. Once the industry falls into a state of excessive competition, individual small companies will face the risk of loss and elimination.

When the horizon expands to a broader international market, the high-end R&D, design, high-quality construction and installation capabilities of China's buckle manufacturing industry, high-quality system upgrades have not been completed, whether it is the digital design of the software BIM system or the precision The manufacturing of special-shaped components, especially the research and development of exquisite small components, still has a large gap. There are only a handful of companies in China doing research and development. Due to the small market for precision components, the prevalence of imitation mechanisms, and the domestic overall price per ton mechanism, research and development companies are struggling.

There is still a difficult way to go on how excellent disc-buckling companies can form a moat, how can truly high-quality companies, conscientious companies, and innovative companies achieve better performance and become the mainstream of the market. We are also pleased to see that despite the turbulent sea, the brand loyalty of the disc button market is increasing day by day. The high-quality disc button suppliers have been more fully recognized, and they are continuously providing high-quality products in more engineering projects. product. In 2021, go hand in hand and work together, and we believe that the market will become more beautiful.

Jiangsu Shi Zhan Group has always been committed to the construction of trusses. Shi Zhan Group has more advanced ringlock scaffolding. At the same time, we also hopes to cooperate with many parties to create a common future for us!


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