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Double-layer stage lighting truss helps American customers concert

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double-layer stage lighting truss
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double-layer stage lighting truss diaplay

  The customer of this double-layer stage lighting rack is used for concert projects. The customer informs us of the idea after communicating with the sales staff. Thanks to the professional and senior technical design team of the Shizhan Group, we can match the customer’s idea with the first time The final design drawings are seamlessly connected, which greatly saves time and communication costs for customers. The design of this project is inspired by our double-storey booth at the Shanghai Exhibition in 2018.

  Due to the tight delivery time, the customer left us with only one week from design to production to trial construction! At this time, all workshops within the World Exhibition have order arrangements and have reached saturation. At this time, the advantages of Shizhan Group as a leading benchmark enterprise in the industry are clearly demonstrated:

  1. The Shizhan Group has a team of excellent, experienced and efficient designers. They can conceive the customer’s ideas into ingenious design solutions at the first time. This greatly reduces the communication and time costs for customers. In many cases, for our suppliers, we Who we are and where are we from is not that important to customers. What customers care most about is "What can you do for me". This is what customers care about most.

  2. The Shizhan Group has an excellent sales team. They understand the needs of customers best and can provide customers with a full range of services quickly and efficiently. From the beginning, they communicate with the technical department-design plans are issued-customer recognition-fast and efficient Correct quotation-customer follow-up and order fulfillment are done in one go.

  3. The Shizhan Group has an efficient production team, from the issuance of production drawings-order review-material preparation in the blanking workshop-welding and surface treatment in the welding workshop-inspection by the quality inspection department-storage department The packaging is arranged for delivery, and all the processes are very clear and standardized. The close cooperation between the various departments has greatly improved the production efficiency. It is also based on this that the World Exhibition can complete the customer's customized products in a short time with high quality and quantity. The Shizhan has the courage to fight the tough battle and the time war, which is unmatched by many colleagues.

portable lighting truss manufacturer

  4. Shizhan Group has its own aluminum profile production workshop, which can achieve the best control from the production of raw materials to the quality control of the final product, and delivery time, which is also impossible for many peers.

portable lighting truss factory

  If you are interested in the portable lighting truss produced by Shizhan Group, double-layer stage lighting truss, welcome to buy.

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